A good day, and i cant help but help, and a little hangry.

Hey peeps, I’m fucking tired. Work wasn’t too bad but I just didn’t take enough food so I got hungry, and not just hungry I mean proper hangry, a very simple easy job wasn’t going to plan (it was only replacing a seatbelt, for James’ MOT) but I ended up having to take it off again twice as I forgot to put a bracket back in place and a panel back too. I was starving so I was loosing concentration which then pissed me off, not at the job but pissed off at myself. So moral of that story is don’t work hungry, have a break and have a bite to eat, and most of all take enough food to last you all shift. All in all today was a decent day, just very tiring. I worked with James for most of it and then at half 8 I was given a service with oils and filters, not exactly a job you can do in an hour and half. So that was annoying but luckily large Jack helped me so we was done pretty quick (thanks Jack). He had to leave at 10 because his missus’ cousin (I think it was cousin) went into labour so good luck to her. Then malc was struggling with some wiring so I stayed over for a little while to help (I’m kind like that) because KBF struck yet again, if you don’t know then they build bodies for tippers ect. Not the best in the world, in fact I think they are proper shit and bodge jobbers. Not the most clever of thinkers to say the least, so yeah they had done the wiring for the side markers on the tipper body and run it to some fucked up places, I mean if your going to bodge at least make it easy for someine else to fix it when it goes wrong for fucks sake.

At that point I had a call off my mum saying she had done me some food so that was my que to get the fuck out of here, I felt bad leaving malc with the shit on his job but he understood so its all good. He wasn’t expecting me to stop and help anyway so he did say thanks. So yeah I’m now typing this out at my mums, with a full stomach and ready for bed. Bless her cotton socks.

I hope everyones wednesday went ok, most of my day consisted of helping others a fair bit today so I feel good about that. There will probably be another blog tonight peeps so stand by, I was going to go into a deep thoughful blog but I’m too full at the moment and will do it when get home.

Can I make a request of asking everyone to share with your friends and family whether it’s through WhatsApp or Facebook or Twitter or group chats or any other social media your apart of ect. Its just a simple share please that is one beg I will beg for. I’ll beg for more publicity and promoting and more audience, but i shall never beg for donations. Than you again for being a part of this your all amazing.



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  1. I am glad to help you rob I do hope you enjoyed your food love you loads xx

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