Keep smiling, and a bit of confidence, and a lot of advice.

Hey peeps, sorry its late for some of you. Today has been a decent day, done a few services nothing exciting again. Been pretty boring really, even made some extra time for someone tonuse uo if they need it but inalready know where it’ll end up. To the one person who doesn’t deserve it but hey ho. I’ve had a lot of views today on my blog so thats made me happy. Also had someone at work, Neil the parts driver, tell me he likes my work. He’s a cool dude and makes lamps and shit pretty good from what I’ve heard, I’ll try get some of his work on here and maybe advertise some too as he sells a fair bit of it. So if that helps him then bonus. The best part was being told he enjoys some of my work on here, it always give me a thrill knowing people enjoy it (yes i know I keep saying it but I’m like a fat kid with cake, I can’t help myself), let me just say it doesn’t give me a big head but it gives me a confidence boost. You see a confidence boost can do wanders for people, it can help them mentally and I for one need that.

I’ve never been a confident person but over the past few years my confidence levels have shot straight up. It’s amazing what a person can achieve when they have confidence. I mean a few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to even talk about my shit in my head, now look at me, blurting out all sorts of shit. As I said before it helps me but if I can help encourage even one person to do the right thing then I’d feel I’ve achieved something in life. If I can help change someones life for the better then that makes me a better person too. Don’t ever feel trapped peeps and don’t ever hold back and never ever have self doubt, always have belief in yourself, KNOW you can do what you want to achieve and become the person your supposed to be. DON’T ever let anyone say you cant do, NEVER believe anyone who says your not good enough, and have enough self respect to tell them assholes to get fucked. YOU are worth a million fucktards. Don’t let anyone stand in your way. Believe me when I say this, the people who put others down or degrade you or make you feel an inch small, they my friends are the ones with confidence issues, they are the ones who don’t believe in themselves thats why they have to put other people down. Somewhere in their life something is wrong, so dont hate them, pity them, because if they have to find a way to make themselves feel better by putting you or someone else down, then they are the ones that are jealous of you. You are a better person than them because they want to make you look bad or shit, trust me i know too well what its like to be treated like shit and looked down on it happens most days at work because some people get power crazy and have a small cock so they have to use their position to feel like a big boy.

Personally I stick up for the people who get bullied, yes i said bullied because thats what it is. There are certain people who think they can bully and push their weight around (not weight as in size, I mean weight as in position). A certain person tried it before now and I pulled them aside and told them to back off, yes I’m the bigger person because i didn’t have to do it in front of everyone, and yes I will admit (even if they won’t) I did say to them I will knock 10 tons of shit out of you if you carry on being a prick, and guess what peeps, yeah you guessed it they try to be my best friend. You don’t have to threaten with violence but in this case it certainly did, said person is a weasel and sometimes all it takes is a threat to see off an even bigger threat. Now i don’t condone threatening a “higher power” (yes there was an eye roll there) and I definitely don’t encourage it but sometimes needs must. Don’t get me wrong I’d never fight if I didn’t have too, I’m a lover not a fighter and you can hurt someone more by giving love than a punch. You see if someone is giving you a hard time and you ignore it and show them love you prove your not intimidated, that being said a damn good punch in the jaw is needed sometimes (still not encouraging or condoning violence) and I’m not saying if your supervisor or boss is pissing you off you should twat them one, oh that would be stupid, even if it may make you feel better. Doing that will show them that they have won, that they can get to you. So basically the best defence or offence is kill them with kindness, trust me that’ll get under their skin more than a punch ever will.

This is no indication on my boss by the way, my boss is pretty cool (yes he may read this I’m not sure, wink wink). See how i said boss? Haha. Well on a serious note dont let people get to you, let it fly over your head and be the better person. If you really really feel the need too, you can hurt the offender in different way without even touching a hair on their head trust me its so easy and simple. I don’t mean maliciously, I mean in a way thats so subtle they probably won’t even notice (no I’m not saying drug their cup of tea, jesus whats wrong with you people, just kiddin peeps) what I’m saying is hurt them by showing them they are not hurting you. It’s simple and easy, just keep smiling and enjoy your day, have a laugh and fuck about. When they see that they haven’t affected your day they may even look at themselves and think shit I was just a twat, highly unlikely in some cases but it can happen. Don’t stress because of some asshole, it’s not worth it. Just carry on with your day as you planned it too. Go to work and earn that money and when payday come just think I’ve done it again and I’ll start again tomorrow. Keep smiling peeps and love yourself.



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