Birds arguing, and a little bit of politics.

Hey peeps, here we are again, another lovely sunday. Sun is shining morjing birds are singing. Did you know that “singing birds” is just birds arguing and fighting, don’t want to ruin it for you because it does sound beautiful in the early morning, but the “singing birds” are just the birds warning predators and other birds away from their nests. So yeah them fuckers are arguing but it sounds better than people arguing so I’ll take that over anything. Just a bit of useless information for you.

So i heard this morning about tax rises in the next budget, come on we all know that would happen. I bet we won’t be getting pay rises either. Also a new incentive for people to buy a house, yes you have to have 5% deposit, not a lot really, but in reality it’s just another way to get people into debt and for the rich to get richer in my opinion. I’m not into this politics bullshit but stay with me on this, personally (tell me if im wrong) I think if everyone had a pay rise everyone can afford to spend more, see where im going with this? Yes if people can spend more money then that’ll be more money going into the economy. Also with apprentices they should be on minimum wage, its near slave labour what they get paid. If the young uns got paid more they would spend more, aka more money into the economy. That’s without raising taxes. Yes the gevernment saved a lot of people from loosing jobs but thats their job to help us, but to punish us in effect is just saying we done you a favour now its your turn. It was a fucking epidemic. I knew this was going to happen I’ve said it from day 1, as I do believe it was real I also knew we would be the ones paying for it in the long run. They are raising it now so when the next election comes along they can lower it so they get more votes, aka “doing us a favour”. Well I call bullshit, the best way for everyone is to raise wages so we can spend more as everything is taxed. Even after we have been taxed on our wages we get taxed for buying food and clothing. As I said the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Its not fair.

Sorry to get political as I said im not a political person so I may be wrong but hey ho this is life eh? Keep the faith peeps and as I say keep smiling, thats all we can do, look after yourselves and your lived ones and help anyone where and when you can, the epidemic may be coming under control (maybe just maybe, but it’ll never end fully) but we will be entering a new pandemic which will see everyone struggling more than ever, we may suffer but it’ll be our kids and our kids and our grandkids that suffer more. Do what you can to make their lives better, that’s what I intend to do, look after your legacy, look after your family and friends and live your best life.



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