Live your life, and a few life plans for the future, also summer is arriving.

Happy saturday peeps, I hope everyone has had a good week and hope you have an awesome weekend. Its looking like a lovely weekend so far the sun is out and its lovely and warmnin the sun but in the shade its still a bit fresh. I can’t wait for spring then summer I hope it warms up but not overly warm as that can be as bad as being too cold. That’s the thing with this country at the moment its either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, so spring is the best time as it slowly starts warming up and everything starts coming back to life. Hey I just thought thats kina like how the country is going with this lockdown thing, through out spring stuff is slowly going to go back to normal ready for summer its kinda funny that. I can’t wait to be able to go about freely again its been the worse kind of year really hasn’t it? Not just for us I mean for everyone, we have seen people do a lot of good things, and we clapped for the NHS, personally I think it was nice but there was a lot more people than the NHS that needed clapping for, like a hell of a lot of people kept the country going. Don’t get me wrong I fully respect the doctors and nurses doing what they did through all this but personally I respect the truck drivers, my fellow technicians from all over, the shop assistants, basically everyone needed to make the world go round, that also includes the police and fire service and the army where they all pitched in. Obviously we had all these dicks going round ignoring guidelines (even more so now) and all these tossers claiming it’s a big conspiracy and it’s not real its about the government trying to control us ect. You people who think that are just tossers, no offence, but if you believed that you obviously haven’t got anyone vulnerable at home or within your family, if you have your just plain ignorant and selfish. Lets say if you believe it’s fake and you bought covid home one day and lets say your partner, mother or kid was vulnerable you would have been the one responsible for putting them in danger. So all that said is it really worth the risk? Your no better than the kind of person who doesn’t move out of the way of an ambulance going to an emergency, but your the 1st to complain when you need one and it takes forever for the ambulance to get to you, think about that.

Anyway I’m talking shit now haha, when summer comes I can’t wait to go out to the pub, I’m not a big drinker but when we get freedon back I for one am going to take advantage of it in a way of enjoying life, you see this has made me realise, as well as a lot of others I know, that life is short and you need to take the little things in life and make the most of it. I’ve promised myself to do more and get out more, and I’m definitely renewing my passport I want to see more of the world. I’ve realised theres a lot out there and a lot of new people to see. I want to go to America, fuck it, I’m going i don’t care what anyone says I’m going, obviously need to save up a bit, and i want to go other places too like Australia and just spread my wing a bit and live a little. I don’t want to be conserved or restrained anymore it’s been too long. I’ve also reclaimed my own life and doing what I want to do and I’ll continue to do that till the day I die I now. Nothing can stop me and nothing can get in my way. Don’t let anything stop you and make the most of this short life you have. Every single one of you.



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