Done a clutch, a dickhead PTO, and a lil prezzie for lil man.

Hey peeps, just a quick update as signal is playing up. Just popping on to say hi and tell you about my day. I done a clutch today with the help of Jack, no not that Jack the other one, no not bus jack either, little jack jeez. I stripped it down and he turned up as I was putting the clutch back in (he needed to help for his apprentice thing) basically I showed him how to do it properly, yes I added a few of my own short cuts but he knows the proper way don’t worry. He then helped me put the gearbox back in easy enough until it came to the fucking PTO (power take off, aka works hydraulic equipment on truck and trailers like pumps and cranes ect.) That fucker didn’t want to go back in, I hate them things. Anyway half way through putting the PTO back on, its a heavy fucker but very simple, but it has to be straight for the shaft and the studs. Why they could have used bolts is beyond me the dump fucks (the people who make them). So half way through i was loosing my rag then little Jack came up with a great idea, fag time (he don’t smoke) so after fag time the fucker went straight in, yeah ssometimes you just need to walk away and as stubborn as I can be, after a few choice swear words, i walked away for 12-15 minutes and all was great. So thats my advice i give you today, start stressing just walk away have 5 have a fag or a cuppa then go back. I’ll show some pics as I went along. They loading a bit slow as signal is shitty so i hope they go on.

I was going to see my son today again but he didn’t do his school work on time so his mum said he can’t go to the park. Yeah maybe some may look at that and think punish him by not letting him see his dad. Hey ho ill see him Monday as i have a present for him, I got him a puzzle board, a board so he can do his jigsaw puzzles on and keep them safe when hes half way through. He would loose his mind when hes doing something and it broke so that’ll be perfect for him.

Anyway I’ll blog when i can peeps. I also need to sort it out to pay for this as I only have so much storage, so I’ll need to upgrade to get more storage, don’t worry it won’t stop me peeps. (Storage is only for pics and videos i think, I’m not sure)



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  1. Was a pleasure working with you today mr rob😝🀣

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  2. His mother should NOT STOP you and your son from seeing each other ! It’s not Punishment that’s controlling sorry Rob maybe not going to the park ! The mother is to blame for not making him to sit down and do his school work πŸ™„

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