Lost in music, a bit of jakie dees apple, and a decent day

Hey peeps, sorry its a late one. I got lost in music today, I just wanted to listen to a song then end up laying on the bed just purely tranced into music. Then next thing I know hours and hours have passed. I do that sometimes. Music is like a big outlet for me, I can express myself through music. I can’t sing to save my life but I can listen to it for the world.

Work wasn’t too bad today peeps, had an MOT day, first a quality check and then a fresh mot. The MOT one had fucked up rear steer but thanks to tristan i managed to half sort it but its waiting for some power steering pupes. Someone was condecending once again and we going to fall out hard soon I swear but I try to keep my cool even though its getting harder every day. Especially this week. I’ll leave that there though, as i repeat karma (say no more).

So lets get nice again eh? I been listening to nightwish-last of the wilds (one my fave songs ever), go check it out on YouTube you will love it. Well most of you will, then i just sunk deeper into musicland and just chilled out with a few whiskeys. My go to today was jackie dees apple. Damn i love that shit. While talking to some friend its been a cool evening/night. So yeah i appologise for the late one. Oh nearly forgot to say search on YouTube Sheridan Smith crooner sessions, yes the woman from 3 pints of lager and a packet of crisps, oh my fucking god shes got a singing voice of an angel just check it out peeps.

Thats the video i cant set up a link.

I hope everyone is all good, I probably wont be going into too much detail but you never know i can ramble on when something pops into my head, I rarely check through and change what I write, so thats probably why some blogs just go on and on and talk shit. But i hope you still find it entertaining, sometimes I just start a blog not really knowing where it’ll end up, thats why I call them random blogs. I find them fun to write when I have no destination. Makes it less predictable. Thats why you keep coming back. I also did tell you I’m not a natural born writer. I just go with the flow and it works i think.

So in the comments below let me know what songs you recommend.



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  1. I love NF, his songs are very meaningful😀👌🏼

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