How the world has changed, a little bit off track and sharing the love

Hello again peeps, hope your not getting sick of me yet lol.

So basically I just want to tell you about my version on how I feel the world has changed through out my 33 years of my life. When i was young family was everything, still is don’t get me wrong there. We would all go on holiday together, I have a big family, my nan was pretty much the head of the family, if she told you to do something you done it without answering back. Obviously we would try as kids do, and every sunday pretty much everyone would gather round my nans for a day together and have sunday roast (by god they were amazing) 90% of the time it would be chicken. But every saturday I’d go with my mum and nan shopping, neither could drive, my mum didn’t learn to drive till I was older (even then it took her about 100 tests to pass, but thats a different story). We would walk to see little nanny (my nans mum) every saturday then walk to bloxwich to do a bit of shopping then to walsall for more shopping mostly to the tesco there, when it was near the banks not the massive one thats up top (it felt so weird when that closed). Then we would walk all the way back to my nans house and chill for a while. For those who don’t know where these places are it was a very long walk gotta be at least 10-15 miles. Then we would walk home and that was basically every saturday till little nanny sadly passed away, then it was to her grave every saturday. Those were the simple days when you had no care in the world, for us kids obviously, but for parents and grandparents it was tough, money wasn’t so easily passed round and people struggled. None other than my mum who raised me and my brother with very little money, yet she never let us go without. There was always food on the table and always a roof over our heads and she did an amazing job, my nan and mum were always my most favourite people in the world even though i never actually showed it much. Even though we didnt always get what we wanted, we always got what we needed (but even through the struggles they did their best to get us what we wanted, but it wasn’t always feasible and we understood that) these days I see kids not getting what they want and having a fanny attack in the middle of the street (don’t get me wrong not all kids do that but its become more of a thing). Also don’t get me totally wrong we had our fair share of paddies when we were young but it was never like yhey are now, if I threw myself on the floor kicking and screaming i would have just been left there (na he aint mine, dunno where his parents have gone, just kiddin mum) these days kids would moan if they have to go to the shop at the end of the street. Yes we would sulk a little if we didn’t get what we wanted and be disappointed but we would also understand money doesn’t grow on trees. That is probably why as a person now mo ey doesn’t bother me, its just another object that buys other object that can be lost, broken, stolen, replaced. I’ll tell you what can’t be lost, broken, stolen or replaced is your family. They will be there until the end. You may not see them very often, you may not even like them from time to time but family will always be there in one form or another.

Anyway going a bit off topic there I got lost in the moment I’m sorry, Lets get back to it. So as I was saying we would go out straight after school to the park or hang out in a field or play kurbs with a ball or football in the street, because we could. There wasn’t many of the worries we have these days of dickhead drivers shouting abuse at you because you was in the road, even when a car came down the street they would slow down and you would stop and let them pass then carry on. You don’t see that these days you see cars speeding down residential areas and nearly running kids over so the parents don’t let the kids play outside on the street these days. You would barely see kids stuck inside back then, now you barely see kids playing in the park. When you see them in the street they are either hauling abuse at each other or walking in the road see how close they can get to a passing car, or even crossing the road without looking because they are cocky little shits. The amount of time I’ve been driving down the road and a young un has walked out in front of me and hauled abuse, because I’ve nearly run them over when they cross thinking they have right of way, is disgusting. Its like a few weeks ago I was driving to work and a kid, gotta be no older than 13 or 14, walks out into the road I slam my breaks on and he shouts watch where your going dickhead, as he’s looking back to his phone crossing the fucking street. I mean come on if i done that back in my day I’d get a clip round the ear and dragged back home for a term of grounding, and possibly another clip round the ear. Back then everyone knew each other so if you told an adult to fuck off it would more than likely be soneone your parents knew or auntie or uncle or nan ect. You couldn’t do anything without your parents knowing, and they didn’t have mobile phones back then to call each other, but they would still know and you’d be in shit street if you done something wrong, and you’d always wander how the fuck they knew. These days with all this technology shit noone knows where anyone is or what they doing so the kids are running wild being little twat faces. BUT (yes a big but) there is a flip side to these little cretins that are being twatbags, you also have the ones that mever leave the house playing video games and eyes glued to the TV or their mobile phones. You don’t get no conversation or eye contact, you get a grunt here and there to make sure they are still alive and not turned to stone. Lets face it though, most (yes i said most not all, don’t loose your marbles) kids these days are raised by kids, i mean the kids you see these days were concieved by kids, by that i mean not mentally matured or very grown up (like people who have never lived or maybe lived too much at the time and got pregnant too young). Please don’t get me wrong not everyone is like that and I’m not sterotypicalling (dunno if thats a word but it is now i made it) anyone but if you look around you will see what I mean. That being said there are alot of good and amazing parents out there who are passing on the goodness from my generation like helping an old lady cross the road, showing respect, and even helping doing the housework and cooking.

There are other things that affect people and the way they bring up their kids, I mean theres a lot of fucked up shit out there, things even I don’t wanna talk about (not scared too talk about but scared I’ll loose viewers because they don’t like what they read, because honestly some stuff is hard to read about). But with that it’s understandable that some parents are the way they are, some call it over protective some call it being a parent, and for those who are “over protective”, i don’t fucking blame you. There is some evil shit out there these days. Again don’t get me wrong its always been there but the monsters aren’t afraid to hide anymore. That’s a scary thought but very fucking true. What also doesn’t help is technology and the news both can spread fear and fear mongering. Everywhere you look all you see is bad news these days and thats not even including covid.

Shit this sounds more like a bitching session than anything else, I’m sorry if it reads that way, I’m just trying to get my point across and very dramatically by looks of it. The thing that pisses me off most these days is peoples attitudes, I hate a stinking attitude, personally I treat people the way I want to be treated, with a smile and a laugh and alot of banter. I’m seeing more and more online esspecially Facebook (the route of all evil I’ve called it before now) people bitching and conplaining, and what people are now calling “Karens” (sorry to anyone actually called Karen), I mean come on where the fuck did that come from? Why couldn’t they be called “self centred attention seeking foul mouthed camel hump dog breath bitches” i mean come on doesn’t that sound better?

Be all and end all I just don’t know what the fuck has happened to people these days, it seems like everyone is angry or pissed off all the time, and also in a rush and stressing over nothing. I mean come on people life can be bad enough without putting your shit onto other people your stress shouldn’t be stressing other people out. Stop the arrogance, stop the bitching, stop the cockyness, stop being angry about everything and everybody, just stop and take a step back and think if I’m pissed off i can piss off 2 people then they can piss off another 2 people themselves, its like a virus and we all know what a fucking virus can do. People will be the downfall of people long before any other world ending shit can do it for us. Bring back the 70s (yes i know im too young to be a 70s kid) not all of the 70s i mean the part where everyone spread love instead of hate and everyone was chilled. Granted everyone smoked weed but maybe thats the key, everyone should have a spliff before they get out of bed instead of a coffee, get everyone chilled out before they can even stress. (By the way im not condoning drug abuse or telling anyone to smike weed) Spread the love you fuckers not hate.

Disclaimer-no planning actually goes into my blogs its just random off the top of my head as it comes so yeah welcome to my mind peeps.(maybe i should try planning blogs better i don’t know haha)



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