A good day as planned, and a little happiness.

Hey peeps, as planned and hoped for today was a good day. Last night I had a good sleep, today woke up fresh as a daisy. That helped I won’t lie, and i had a decent job to keep me entertained for the most part of the day. The other job not so good but hey ho you can’t have it all. The 1st job was fun because there was 3 easy jobs to do and a job I could dig my claws into and I love them jobs, i had to replace the exhaust manifold gaskets so i enjoyed that. Here a pic while i was stripping it down. Also a thank you to tristan for his assistamce today your a good one kid although a cheeky little fucker (he’s spent too muh time round me and JJ)

Looks fun right?

Ill be doing a blog later about how shit has changed and how I feel the world is going to shit in some areas. I saw something earlier that made me think what the actual fuck? People minds have been distorted these days its crazy. But i won’t ruin it ill leave that there. So that will be my 1st proper investigative blog in effect. I hope it goes good.

The morning was a little bit cold but not as cold as it has been and the sky looked amazing as the sun was rising. I love how the sun burns the sky sometimes, and then it went overcast and windy but it’s all good fun weather will be weather.

I really can’t wait till summer, will be able to get out more and if everything goes to plan as Mr Boris stated by june there shouldn’t be any restrictions. So let hope this is a good sign, we will never be rid of this rona but at least we can help fight it, just like the flu it killed and we have flu jabs now but the flu still kills, so in effect it’ll be the same with rona. Just remember this rona jab isn’t the answer to our prayers its just a way of fighting, we still need to do what we need to do but we will have a resemblance of normality back. The world is a different place than before rona and it’ll never be the same again but just remember we have been a part of history that will be taught in schools in the near future and when were grey and old we can tell our grandkids and great grandkids about the rona days and how people were stupid and people were nice and how the whole world pretty much came to a stop. About how we realise who the actual key workers were and how the key workers were the ones most underrated and will be again soon after we move on, i doubt that will change through all this but at least we were appreciated for a year or so, ill do a blog about that too watch this space.



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