Going global baby, and yes another thank you.

Hey again peeps, 1st off I want to say thank you to everyone who keeps coming back. Its an awesome feeling knowing I’m entertaining you. I also want to show you how far I’ve come with this website so far it’s awesome your going to love it.

Thats a good start considering it’s only been up and running for 3 weeks. Also spoke to a fan/someone I’m interviewing for a blog, Ella (little Georges missus). She told me its awesome aswell as George himself and Jack reads it every night as a bed time story, so that feels awesome to be appreciated. So thank you all for spending time here and I will reward you all by keep doing this and doing what I can to improve and expand. I’ll always be doing at least 1 blog a day and putting up new pics and memes as much as possible. Your the ones who make this possible not me, if it wasn’t for you I’d be talking to myself (not the 1st time and not the last trust me) but seriosuly peeps I can’t thank you enough. More feedback is required and more ideas would be fantastic. Don’t forget to check out my new pages.

So i got sent something today and im going to print it off at work because I think its funny as fuck, because all you fuckers at work swear too much its fucking disgraceful and disappointing to say the least you bunch of dickweeds.

Have that fuckers.

Yeah my mood has improved through out the day no thanks to dickheads. But hey feeling good after feeling stressful and pissed off is a good feeling eh? Get the good vibes going. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a good day, I think I’m due a good day so lets have it. I hope all of yours day has been good and if anyone has any funny stories send them my way.



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