Pissed off monday, a gobshite, and a bit of news.

Hey peeps, just a quick one to vent. I just wanna brag aswell that i was a hero to Jack and Jack but ill get to that. Today started off shit, got spoken to like a 5 year old and made out to look stupid. A truck broke down today that was serviced over the weekend, I was told it was a truck I done, it broke down by m6 junction 7, you may have heard about it on the radio as they had to shut down a lane on the motorway. Well let me tell you it wasn’t my fucking truck after all it was the sister truck to the one i done, so yeah I was in a pissed off mood for no reason. But I was pissed off over a few things like being spoken to like a 5 year old, but then I was told it wasn’t mine I didn’t even get an apology so that was annoying. Anyway the broken down truck has coolant going into the engine (yes a different one to the massive fuck up blog).

Anyway onto lighter news, Jack and Jack were doing a brake reline and putting it back together one of them stripped a wheel stud (it’s happened to everyone even myself so no biggy and no shame) anyway they couldn’t get the stuf out, the disc would have to have been removed (not a nice job esspecially half hour before hometime) so mr hero here got a hacksaw and repaired the said fucked up thread. Thus saving the day for Jack and Jack and the other shift. I taught them a new lesson today and i hope it sticks with them. Don’t get me wromg this doesnt always work, trust me I’ve had that problem. So fair play to them for asking for help a lot of others would have given up, but not these 2 they wanted to learn.

So todays lessons boys and girl is don’t be a dick and another lesson is never give up and yet another is always ask for help when you need it. Its helpful.

Another bonus is I saw my son today so that made my day, I’ve missed him so much through out all this covid shit. Also more lighter news mr boris is talking tonight at 7pm and they will be lightening up on restrictions slightly over the next few months and by june we will have a lot more normality about the world, pubs may even be able to open soon so thats a good sign. Anyway I’ll be doing more blogs tonight sobthis was just a quick one to read while your sitting on the throne doing your bussiness.



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