Another update blog from an anonymous good strong woman

Ok so another blog peeps sorry if i wake you. Ive had a second outsource blog from a reader it’s an update from “A strong woman, and an inspiration” my friend (staying anonymous still) wants to share some good news update, it feels good to help people to speak out and get out whats in their head ….. so here we go……

Finally some good news

This week even though it was half term and no home schooling (hooray) we finally had some good news, NHS England are reviewing their policy on my daughters condition, should hopefully get an answer in 12-18 months, we are on the right track, persistent is paying off. We are so grateful for everyone who signed and shared the petition for us. We are trying to get our story across to many people so they can understand our fight and cause.
Back to home schooling this week (oh the joys) I’m so glad I understand the work they are both doing and my qualifications are not going to waste, even though I’m spending quality time with them I’m also putting time aside for myself and doing another online course through college to keep my mind occupied but as I said in my last blog, they are my world and they keep me going.
Over the weekend I shared a video on my Facebook of a man doing something with a face mask and a spider jumps out at the end, I tagged my eldest in the video and I watched her watching it and I saw her reaction and she jumped and threw her phone and called me a cow, I was expecting her to call me something worse than that lol.
Thank you all for reading xx


A true life story by a good strong woman

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