Our own private island, and a vote (Have your say)

Hey peeps, so Sunday is getting close to being over once again. I’ve been bored today so tomorrow will be nice to actually get out. I should have gone for a walk earlier but i didn’t so I’ll suck it up. Mr Boris is talking tomorrow so maybe some restrictions will be lifted and we can actually get out there a little bit more, but keep following the rules peeps and stay safe. The better we follow rules the sooner this shit can be in the past hopefully.

Today I’ve added a feedback page so check that out and added a few more memes, for entertainment purposes. I’m also a step closer to doing videos I’ve set up a YouTube too, its empty so no need to go there yet I’ll let you know when I actually start doing them.

Also today, just for the hell of it I was looking at private islands I found a cool one, and its only $60mil (about £42.8mil) so lets start saving peeps because your all coming with me. I’ve always wanted to live on my own island away from reality, away from too many people and off the grid. Sounds like heaven huh? So who’s coming with me? Some building are already built and its got a deep-water harbour which is 12 feet deep at low tide, with a private marina with 35 docks so will have to save extra for boats (maybe we can play pirates, just a thought, I’m playing captain jack sparrow) also got its own private landing strip so we will need a pilot. It’s got lots of trees and solar panels and generators, and lovely white beaches and caves (I’m not saving anyone so be careful) also fresh water tanks and fuel storage to store 64k gallons and an extra 13k gallons and underground facilities. There’s plenty of land to become fully self efficient and a special barge made to bring in supplies, so that would be perfect, so that is my end game. If i ever made it there it would be my own piece of heaven and your all invited to live or visit.

Also who thinks I should do a donation page? Vote below,(edited- ill do a donate page but leave it as a vote for now not actually a donatition page as some people cant see the vote thumbs haha) if I can make money from this website I can bring more awesome stuff. But I want to ask you guys if it’s worth it. To take part in the vote you will have to view this in web view if you can’t see it go to the top and press here…



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