Inspiration needed, and a bit of luck required

Hey peeps, so it be Sunday again, another day of rest. Today has been pretty boring, I don’t know what to do with myself on days like this. So been watching videos on Facebook and YouTube. If you ever get chance go watch joshdub, mully, your narrator, eddie, juicy, smashing, and ree kid. They do virtual reality skits and they fucking funny. They also got a cool story on how they met but if you get chance go check them out, it’s worth your time they had me in stitches for weeks.

They are the ones that gave me a bit of inspiration to do videos, but with my stutter I thought I’d start here 1st obviously. So here I am its been nearly 3 weeks so far, I actually can’t believe it, its gone so fast. I still have loads of shit but my mind went blank today sorry peeps, I think its tiredness haha. But do you remember that job week before Friday? The fucked up engine one, well the customer only want the number 1 piston liner changing and get it back on the road, well if your mechanically minded you know as well as me that’s a bad idea, he doesn’t even want the engine flushing. Its full of fucking gunky shit so yeah bad idea. I’ll keep you up to date on that too, if there is anything to update. It may last a while but not very long, so may actually make it out of our region.

So yeah I’m bored today so will have a play round with the website. I don’t know what else I can do until I pay but hey you never know I may surprise you. I’ll also be brainstorming on new ideas. Its kind of that you need money to make money but it’ll come peeps, and it’ll be cool I hope. I’ll try do another blog today I need some inspiration.



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