Happy Wednesday, and a bit of reminiscing, and a Dickhead

Happy Wednesday peeps, half way through the week, don’t worry you will make it. I got in late last night so that’s why didn’t blog, I didn’t want your emails waking you up but I’m happy to say this website has gone to a lot of countries including America and Canada, even Australia and Philippines and Singapore and Brazil. So i guess no matter what time I post I’m going to wake someone up. Now that is pretty cool if I say so myself. It would be cool If every country in the world had at least 1 view haha. So thank you all for sharing and I hope you keep doing the sharing thing and new comers sign up to the email, no pressure.

So yesterday was an ok day, work is busy, the apprentices are off this week doing college shit so haven’t been able to have a laugh with them. Jack and Jack are close to finishing their apprentice scheme. Wish them luck they doing good so far and learning a lot, I like when they work with me because they like to get stuck in. So does lil George and Tristan. They still have a long way to go but they get stuck in too which is good to see. Keep up the good work lads.

I was reminiscing yesterday, the places I used to work have been full of good times as well as bad, but that goes with every place. I used to work with a lad called Liam (large Liam, the beefy bastard) we had some awesome times at work. We used to fuck about a lot but we got the work done we was a good team to be fair, but there’s loads of funny stories there. Also a bloke called Rob there’s a load of stories there too he’s sound but not someone you’d want to piss off. Lets just say machete, the crazy ass motherfucker. That’s another story though. Then there’s my old supervisor Dean, now that bloke taught me a lot, what he didn’t know about trucks wasn’t worth knowing, but that being said doing this job you never stop learning, and you will never know everything so always ask if your not sure. Then there was Ron he was cool, and Matty and Mikey both working for the AA or RAC now, on or the other. Then there’s my old boss Dammo, I’ll admit I messed up there but a lot was going on in my life at that point, I do hope one day I can give it another go because I feel like I let him down to be honest. I really loved working there, mostly the ex fucked that up for me but that’s no excuse. But hey ho things happen for a reason. There’s also big George, I got to give him a mention he is a class lad. There’s JJ and his brother Tom, JJ is a strange one even he would admit that but i wouldn’t change him for the world he’s class and helps the day go by, where his brother is total opposite (you wouldn’t believe they were brothers) Toms a clever fucker I usually go to him when I’m stuck he has helped me out loads. then there’s Gibbo my boss at the moment he’s cool and down to earth, better than some bosses I’ve had, and Dave the workshop controller he’s a clever fucker, if you get stuck on anything he will be there to help and share his knowledge, he understands everyone doesn’t know everything and he will tell you step by step and teach you, which is good. Also ginger bollocks who recently left but you know that and also Chad he’s now driving the lazy bastard but he is missed to be fair. There’s a lot more cool people I’ve worked with but also a lot of assholes. It is what it is and no matter where you work you will always get a mix of both.

This post may be a bit boring but check this dickhead out, I saw it on Facebook and thought you lot would love it.

Dickhead (2)

Anyway I hope these pics help you smile it did for me, ill start posting more pictures soon now i know how to do it. Will mostly be funny shit and maybe some stupid shit and if your lucky and don’t tell maybe even some funny shit from work. Obviously I don’t want to get anyone in trouble so that’s why i put the disclaimer at bottom of main page as “images and videos may be manipulated too” so they can’t be used as evidence. (must cover mine and others backs eh?)

Also got a few more interviews lined up of real people. If you would like to share anything you know how to contact me I’ll answer anyone and everyone, and post everything you want posted, or checked out.



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