Brett bell, my 1st interview, thank you brother.

Hey peeps this is my 1st interview,  

This is Brett bell (awesome name) 

He was born in Camden New Australia, Just south west of Sydney 

Born 8/5/1980  

Brett spent the first 7 years of his life in Tahmoor nsw bou an hour away sw of Sydney, he says “it wasn’t a big town then was a semi-rural area” 

Brett then goes onto tell me more about his life, he lived here (above) with his brothers and sister until his dad left in 1987, His decided to move to Seattle in the USA for another woman he met while working there. So therefore the house was sold.  

Brett, being the youngest at the young age of 7, and his sister was 6 years older and his next oldest sibling is his brother at 8 years older than him and the other is 12 years older than him. 

They have a different dad to Brett but he doesn’t regard them as step siblings, they had all types of animals from chickens, Guinea pigs, ducks, cows and horses (trotters mainly) as his father restored horse drawn buggies and antique vehicles. (now that’s kind of cool, eh?).  So, as you can image he was never an inside child he was always outside horse riding, and riding his bike or annoying his brothers and sisters as you do.  

He says they used to slaughter their own cows and milk them, grew their own vegetables his mother used to make clothes, cook, work and maintain the house. Now that is a real woman so fair play to her. 

He picked up so many skills being around his older brothers and sisters and even his father for a short time. He was always intrigued on how stuff worked, they spent a lot of time on caravan trips and going to Auctions in some out back towns buying antique horse and farming equipment life was good and very family oriented for the Bell family, and it seems like they had an awesome family and upbringing. 

After his father left in 1987 Brett and his mother and brothers and sister moved 10 kilometres (about 6 miles) away to a smaller town called Buxton. 

Brett had to move schools in year three, and says it was a very scary thing to do especially when others would ask where his father was, he says he wasn’t sure then he became very reserved but always gloated he lived in America even though he didn’t talk to him or see him for many years till about the age of 14. 

Brett then goes on to say he still feels his mother resented him for his father’s actions, which he says was hard to deal with. He seemed to be the one in trouble a lot and as he was a lot taller and bigger than most kids his age he was subjected to a lot of bullying by other children and he seemed to stand out more which was pretty hard, and he got the blame a lot for other people’s actions even though it was the others. In some parents’ eyes their children can do no wrong and their children would not lie to them to protect themselves.  

Understandably he has a lot of distrust in people due to this he would get flogged with a belt when they told his mother, “she never took my side and it must of been me” he says and well so he ended up stopping defend himself. 

His eldest brother and sister-in-law started taking him a lot for school holidays and other reasons as they hated me being the one at blame. His sister, even though she is very loyal to him, she used to lock him outside and make him do her chores when his mother was at work, she would chase him with belts and was just horrible but any one came near him outside of the house hold she would defend him with honour, he’s still very confused and has forgiven her for her actions when they were kids but she was my mother’s only daughter and was spoiled by their mother and always believed so, as the old saying goes, he was damned if he does or damned if he doesn’t. 

Brett’s other brother never spent much time there he lived a lot with his nan or his father so he could finish school and he went to the army so he never saw him much but they always got on good, their mother and Brett’s brother still fight a lot.  

Brett was never much better at school but primary school ended and he was off to high school, he had to catch a bus for an 1hr at 6am just to get to school, as he wasn’t allowed to go to the closer high school as his mother thought they would presume me to be as good as my sister and brothers at athletics and sports, but because Brett says he was fat his mother never had much expectation and spent her time running the middle two siblings around the state for carnivals and events, but his oldest brother is more like him so was treated the same. 

In High school he found it very daunting, as he’s not a good leaner for theory, he’s more practical and hands on. He done the year 7 and most of year 8 at Bowral high school where he found it very hard to be accepted as not many of his friends went there and he got harassed a lot and spent a lot of time reading in the library on breaks, or just sitting in a classroom just reading or doing work he didn’t get done through classes he did have a few friends but they were just interested in other things and hung out with others that he didn’t get along with so the better option was to just stay away and do my own, it was easiest thing for him to do. He had a lot of issues with teachers as he was as big as most of them, one teacher said to his mother because he was big, he should have more maturity than the other kids all and all he wanted to do was work on cars and vehicles as I found it better, and more soothing and relaxing. In year 8 he found himself being asked by the school to leave and attend a different school, Picton high which he did but the trouble seemed to follow him. He did get conned into a lot of situations just to be accepted by others, but ended up the being the one in trouble or punished, his mother still reminds him of this till this day and still has all the letters from the school. In year 9 he ended up in so much trouble his mother contacted his father in the USA and said to him Brett is going to live with him, which he did not want so his brothers and Bretts uncles stepped in and done a deal with the school for him to attend 3 days a week and done work experience with them on building sites building houses. 

So that is Brett, he’s an awesome bloke and pretty much just a gentle giant. With that comes assholes who thing they have to fight him to prove dominance or to become the “alpha male”, all Brett wanted to do was go to school and learn and this is a perfect example of forced to look like the bad guy. Not everyone who looks like a bad person is a bad person it’s all about perception and knowing a person for who they really are and not what they are made out to be.  A person judged because of the way they look is a person misjudged and it’s a horrible way to live. My advice to everyone is get to know someone before you make a story about them in your head, you will be very surprised. Finally, never judge a book by its cover. 

Now let me say thank you to Brett for letting me tell his story, And I hope to god I have done you justice brother. It’s been amazing to write this (mostly twerk it around) and let me tell you peeps there is more to come, there will be a Brett bell part 2 and i can’t wait to work with you again dude. Your story is an amazing one and shows how shitty people can be, and a perfect example of an awesome person being misjudged. Sorry it took so long to get it sorted but here you go peeps my 1st interview. Brett thanks again brother.



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