Lovely Monday, and a touch of summer.

so lovely start to the week, its unusual to say that on a Monday. Its been a nice one, went out on a breakdown and the driver was so ecstatic after 2 minutes of arriving the truck was fixed. He even said I’m the best mechanic ever haha, especially after the companies own techs went out and couldn’t sort the job. It was only a relay that needed changing but I can’t take all the credit I had some advice off the workshop controller, which I did tell the driver this and he said we’re all awesome and thank you very much. He was waiting there since 12.30pm but if they called us out to him 1st time he would have been back on the road by 1pm, but because they called their own techs out we didn’t get out till about half 5 so he was over the moon.. I actually thought he was going to start humping my leg at one point haha.

You see that little bit of appreciation goes a long way, Just a thank you or a well done makes me feel awesome about doing a job. Its not asking much really is it? Don’t get me wrong I don’t do this job for a thank you, I do this job for the satisfaction that I’ve kept a truck on the road and helped keep the country running for another day (oh and for the money, mostly the money), but its not just about keeping the country running or the money, earlier I felt good because that driver could go home. It was the end of his shift about an hour ago but just changing that relay and getting his truck started so he could drive back to his yard so he could go home, well i helped his get home today and the appreciation he had just for that 2 minute job was amazing to see, and I will continue to do that for as long as it takes. If I can help just one person get home or carry on doing his job so he can get paid properly to feed his/her family then that’s fine by me, and I shall continue to do this every day till I die.

Even though I don’t plan on being a mechanic forever (crawling on the floor and climbing over engines till I’m 75? no fuck that, thanks for the offer though), I still plan on doing something that can give me a good sense of satisfaction. Like doing this blog knowing it is helping people (maybe), or making someone smile or entertaining, now that’s also a good feeling knowing I’m making someone’s day slightly better even if it is just for 5 minutes at least I’m helping make the world a better place for someone, or just having an effect on someone’s life talking about my shit and making someone double think what’s happening to them and knowing there’s is always a way out of a shitty situation. I know its a bit optimistic but if one my past blogs (like “My 1st interview, and some inspiring words, and alot of passion.”) can make someone realise they are being abused physically or mentally, and said blog helps them to get help or become free, that’s kind of like saving a life and that would be the ultimate feeling of pride. Who knows it may reach the right person one day.

It also felt a fair bit warmer today, and I hope it stays that way, I’m getting sick and tired of these cold days and nights now. I WANT SUMMER BACK!!! I love the winter and the snow but not when I’m at work. That’s just the worse thing ever being at work and fucking freezing. I love the summer working outside in the sun or on a weekend working outside in the garden or having a BBQ and a few beers or sitting in a beer garden with a couple friends having a good laugh, lets just hope we can get a little bit of this normalcy back by this summer eh? wouldn’t that be nice?



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