Happy birthday, and more food porn.

Just want to say happy birthday to my good friend zoe, hope you have a good one gal. And also a belated happy birthday to big boss man Andy (old fucker now) on friday. Also a belated birthday to my good friend hailey from school last monday.

Had a load of birthdays this month, mine was on the 2nd then rich and justine in the office and a few friends from school and also my step dads at the end of the month closely followed by my angels son harrison. Bloody hell theres a lot this month so happy birthday to you all. You can comment happy birthday if you wish.

Made a cheesecake from scratch today using digestives as the base (yes its very very nice) and a chocolate brownie for Zoe. All smells lovely just so you know. With the pork belly draft cooking in the background. Now im hungry and your probably hungry too.

If anyone wants their birthdays mentioned in future message me your birthdays and ill dedicate a birthday blog to you. If you know me message on whatsapp or messenger or through the email ill put them in my calander.

Thanks again (yes ill say thank you to you all every blog so appreciate it)


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL Just remember my birthday is in August

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