A severe fuck up, and a sandwich

Sorry didnt post yesterday peeps i was so tired i slept after work and was asleep after i popped to my mums, its been a long ass week, and i had pork chops and chips so i was done for, yes i was spoiled.

The big letters wont work on my phone so deal with it haha, also grammar will be worse because harder to check so sorry for that. Today was fun, work wasn’t too busy, but had something ive never had to deal with before (well not to this extent) but it provided entertainment, and little George got gooed on so that was funny (By the way El, georges missus, i know my grammar isnt too good but i did say in main page itll suck haha, thank you for the advice ill look into that thing to help with grammar, yes Georgey told me and im glad you like my posts). Anyway we had a truck come in and the coolant had leaked into the sump via the piston liners not being sealed properly. A previous visit (to another depot not ours, because we are perfect ….. honest) had the liners replaced and they forgot to put the seals in by looks. Well it kept leaking into the sump from 14th of January till today, the driver should have had warning bells after the 1st day ….. just sayin, and the effects are scary, it mixes up and creates a gloopy mess, ill include pictures and a vid i hope. It was messy, but then Georgey came out on a breakdown with me bless his cottons he was helpful and yeah someone elses fuck up yet again but got us out of the garage eh?

That was attempting to empty.
Lovely mess.

Its been a tough week, but work brought us all a sandwich today so it feels nice to be appreciated. Also had a good laugh with the lads this week aswell even though its a shitty week, but we will see the outcome of that soon enough be prepared to hear all about it in a future blog. But i will say if we stand together as one things can get sorted a lot easier and faster than just talking about it and showing no action. So yeah ill update you when the time come because as i said before karma is a bitch and she fuckin angry.

Anyway i may do another tonight or a few more over the weekend to make up for me slacking yesterday, yes i know i could have just posted im tired and said hello but hey ho i didnt suck it up lmao.

Thank you again for taking time out of your busy scedules to read my shit, your all amazing.


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  1. Pork chops Yum 😋 lol

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  2. Hi r r r r r Rob yes Pork chops yummy.

    Loving your little stories, keep up the good work pal

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