A lot of love, and a little beg.

So its valentines day tomorrow, personally i see it as another day. No not because im not a romantic but because i think you should treat your partner the same way every day. Still cook a fancy meal (yes i said cook not order) and buy a card maybe but it should be celebrating your time together not about gifts. Love is about emotion not about what you can buy or outdo your friends and should never ever be proven, if someone says you gotta prove your live then its obviously artificial, but love is a deep bond between 2 people and doesnt have to be flaunted to show its true. Its also about making some time out of your day to have with your partner even if your a million miles away a phone call can make all the difference. If you feel love has to be proven or brought then something is wrong you have either been mistreated, never shown real love or misguided. Sorry to be blunt but when you find the one you just find the one, many people will go all their life without finding their proper true love, some may think they have found them, some may even be tricked into thinking they have, but when you know you know. You will never have to ask them to prove it, you will mever have to check on them, you can still live your own life while sharing your life. You wont have trust issues, and you will miss them as soon as they walk your door. You will think about them all the time but you wont be obsessive because you know they will always be there. In my opinion the words “i love you” are over used and not meant the way they are supposed to. But that being said there are definitely different kinds of love, you can love your family (thats a given, even when they piss you off you still love them unconditionally), you can love your friends (i love my friends and that includes the lads at work they are my friends afterall), and then theres the love i have for you lot reading my shit and thats awesome, and you can love someone without being in love. But the love you have with that one special person is the love that can not be replicated. That undying inconditional love that gives you butterflies even 100 years after being together. That my friends is real love.

Anyway stop with the soppyness, i hope everyone is having a good weekend so far and there will be more to come but for now show some like, like this shit and subcribe and share the hell out of my website. I still wanna make sure its worth paying £100 to make this site officially mine. Yeah wordpress technically own it but its still mine and i would like to make it proper and professional (while keeping it fun and awesome), its all good to keep it this way dont get me wrong but i want to get to the point where i can get my own adverts on and making something from it maybe, just maybe. Plus if i make it big i could maybe make enough to put more money into it, its just a hobby and wont ever feel like a job but i just want to give more to you guys and maybe even expand. Im here to entertain and make you smile so shate the love, share the entertainment and share the smiles. And most of all share the fuckery.

Thank you again you beautiful lot, for reading i hope im still making you smile.


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