Little bit sad today, but a lot of hope to spread

Hey peeps, hope everyone is all good. Had an awesome day at work but someone was a twat again to ruin my day. But hey ho as I said before karma is a bitch and it’ll always come round.

I was thinking today about my grandad, He passed away a couple years ago and I still feel like I’ve not grieved properly but I blame that on my ex for causing trouble with my family around the same time, I did get a bit addicted to whiskey for a couple of weeks after his death because I had so many regrets and still do. You see my daughter and sons mothers caused me to fall out with my family, my fault to be fair for letting it happen, But I’m working on getting back what I lost. It may take a while to rebuild burnt bridges but anything can be rebuilt with enough will power and love.

So yeah my grandad was an amazing person, he was funny and grumpy at times but he was even funny when he was grumpy, he loved football and old films too. He was definitely a character and he is missed by a hell of a lot of people, and will always be remembered.

I also found out today that a friend’s cancer has come back, got me a bit upset. Lynn if you read this you got some awesome friends who are always just a call or message away make sure you use it, Cancer is one the worst things ever, and I for one hope once all this covid shits done and dusted they put more money into shit to get rid of cancer, I mean come on they found a vaccine for covid quick enough so what’s stopping them doing the same for other shit. Its just shit how people have to suffer and get their lives ripped apart.

Sorry peeps this is only going to be a short one I’m tired today and its getting late and i don’t wanna be cranky tomorrow, someone might get a punch else haha, make the most of life peeps its way too short and in the blink of an eye you can miss alot. Take pics and videos for memories so they last forever, don’t put off calling that friend because “it can wait till tomorrow”, tell your kids you love them, tell your parents you love them, help your work colleagues whether you like them or not because you may need them one day (but don’t do it to receive in future, do it out the goodness of your heart), talk to people with respect, treat others the way you want to be treated. Smile at a stranger, help an old lady or man carry their shopping to the car, get that homeless person a hot chocolate or coffee or even a blanket, anything helps, pass on some love and you shall receive. Everyone reading this please for me do a good deed then ask that person to do a good deed because you helped them, and tell them to pass the message along, it may take a while but it’ll soon come back in a full circle and one day someone will say to you pass this good deed onto someone else. Lets start a revolution of good deeds and love instead of hate and fear and dirty looks and threats. Share this with the world and lets see if we can make a difference. Its surprising what a small amount of people can achieve. Lets do it in the name of my Grandad, and in the name of Lynn who is going to go through a tough time (and she will make it, because karma will be on our side), do it in the names of your lost loved ones, and in the names of the loved ones we will loose in future. All I ask is one good deed for a stranger, just one, even better one good deed a day or even a week will make a difference. Please lets see how far we can stretch this and make something good. If you can clap for the NHS you can do a good deed, just saying.

Anyway I’m rambling on haha, thank you for taking time to read once again this is becoming a regular occurrence I’m sure ill see you again.


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  1. Thank you So Much My Friend ❤

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