Never goodbye ginger bollocks, and a bit of emotion

Hi peeps, let me just say its been a pleasure working with you ginger bollocks. Today was the final day before my good friend Ash leaves our workshop to start a new adventure at his new workplace, good luck brother and hope you enjoy your new job and definitely stay in touch, when lockdown is over again we will go for a pint or 10, love ya dude.

Anyway enough about that useless fucker, he will be back by end of the month, just kiddin bro, he’s a good un, we worked together for quiet a while and been through some shit but we always had a good time and a damn good laugh. Anyway I hope everyone is doing good and just so you all know you can comment below the blogs you have permission, would be nice to hear from some my followers and friends (I want proof your actually reading this shit) but make me look good lads.

I’m thinking of taking the blog and upgrading to premium, that way i can post pictures and videos but I want to make sure its worth it 1st and only you guys can do that by taking me viral and spreading the word to your friends and family so copy that link and share the hell out of it, it’ll cost me $96 a year but ill also be able to monetize the blog and make some money (I wanna take take it to the top I’m enjoying this a lot and I want to take you guys with me) so please show me its worth it and get more peeps here.

I’ll be posting a bit more this weekend due to not having much to do and lockdown preventing any of us doing anything, which obviously makes us want to do more. Lockdown is depressing now and I promise once its over I’m making life worth it and getting out there and making the most of it, because if this pandemic has taught me (and hopefully you lot) anything that’s life is too short and we all take it for granted, we take our friends and family for granted, we just assume that they will always be there and nothing will ever happen to them but life is a fragile thing and you don’t realise till its too late so make the most of you life and your friends and family.

Wow that was emotional wasn’t it? As you may have noticed I’ve found a new feature (big 1st letters of each paragraph) looks quiet cool yeah? So ….. yeah its Saturday work was not bad we had a bit of a laugh and a sandwich (yeah maybe not exciting but a sandwich on a Saturday at work is the highlight) and it was pretty busy but manageable. Hope you all have a good weekend and more content coming today maybe and definitely tomorrow, got a whole day of doing nothing pretty shit eh? Maybe but that means more blogs haha.

thank you once again and see you next blog


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