Juicy fat apples fresh off the trailer, and a tiny life lesson

Hey peeps, today was a good day ended up on a breakdown on the m5, nice and easy one. very nice driver too, he was transporting fresh apples in a massive tipper trailer (30 tonnes worth) to Ireland for apple pressing to make apple juice ready for shops near you. For shops like Tesco etc. so yeah next time you open a fresh carton of apple juice to go with your full English breakfast I’ll accept a thank you. Funny thing is he asked us (me and the apprentice, Tristan) if we liked apples, obviously I said yeah so next thing he jumped into his cab, got a carrier bag and climbed the front of the trailer and filled the bag of apples and handed it to us, well let me say there nothing better than a lovely fresh apple, pretty much straight from the tree, lovely and juicy cant complain there. now that is what you call a legendary driver and an awesome breakdown haha. As soon as got back to the workshop controller got his teeth into one haha.

That reminds me of many breakdown if been out to that have been hilarious, I once went out to a breakdown fixed the truck and went to drive back to the yard and realised I took the key out the van with hazards and beacons on the go, and guess what? yes you guessed the battery was flat and no jump pack in the van. So yeah I was a hero to the driver, but a twat to my boss haha, oh well shit happens. That then reminded me of the time I fell out with Mr Eddie Stobart, one of his trucks broke down in middle of his yard and it was a shitty breakdown, it was mostly blocking the yard so production was slowed down, half way through he ended up coming over and having a go about how long it was taking. Well he wasn’t very nice and spoke to me like shit he just shovelled off his shoe, i had a go back and said “keep talking to me like that ill leave and it wont get fixed”, he then replied “you cant do that I’m paying for your services”, to which my reply came as “ok fine you will be getting a call from my boss”, and I packed up tools and left. By time I got back my boss had a call and he tried having a go till I told him what happened and he said said fair play. Anyway the next day Mr Stobart ended up making a call to apologise so fair play, people have bad days, but my advice is when you have a bad day don’t take it out on the ones you rely on, or even better don’t take it out on anyone who don’t deserve it. Simple as that.

Ill also be doing an interview with someone soon, its planned so keep an eye out for that, it’ll be with a friend from work. So yeah I said ill be doing interviews with normal people so I apologise its definitely not a normal person but at the moment it’ll be closeish to normal. So thanks to James for agreeing with that. I’ll be asking others at work if they will be up for it and I’m sure they will jump at the chance (the attention seeking fuckers).

Also check out the disclaimer I put up ….. do you think that’ll be good enough? I hope so because the stories I can tell, there will be a few arrests so if that happens guys I accept no responsibility for your fate.

Well I hope this was a good read, keep coming back you awesome fuckers.



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