Just another day (day 1 of blogging)

So today is my 1st day of having my blog website up and running and I’m happy to see i have a few followers, thank you for taking time out your day to visit here. It actually means a lot, and its feels exciting. Let me start off by saying I’m sorry the grammar in my 1st 2 posts were terrible, they were rush posts just to get something on here. I promise to take more care and time in future so I don’t get hurting any eyes, I’ll also be doing more spell checking.

Anyway I hope everyone is good, I’ve had a gutting day as one my MOTs failed so that’s always a downer. But hey shit happens, I’m proper pissed off about it as I shouldn’t have missed it but yeah shit happens, my supervisor and boss was understandable as 1st fail (that I know of) but if I’ve not been told about any other fails then its not that bad eh? so that’s a pass for me.

Anyway enough about boring work shit, I’ll try post every day at least once, with a funny story or some random shit. I would very much appreciate feedback or just a hi now and then just so I know I’m not boring you and lost you (no pressure its completely voluntary). there may also be some changes with the site as we go its still under progress and I’m still working out all the kinks and secret passageways. If I can find a way to post pictures and videos ill do some of that shit too. (come on give me chance its still day 1 geez.)

Let me have this chance to give a shout out to friends who have followed so far, this is either going to be an epic adventure or a complete embarrassment, but hey I don’t give half a fuck haha and you know it.

So yeah please share my blog with your family and friends and help me grow let the adventures begin. I hope everyone is keeping safe and as I always say keep smiling we will get through this shit time together.

Also I just remembered I best put a disclaimer at the bottom of the site as I don’t want no trouble coming in my way or anyone I mentions way, sometimes the funny shit isn’t always the right shit if you catch my drift.

Thank you again


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