Ok so tuesday was my birthday i dont have any followers to my blog or anything just yet but thats not going to stop me writting. Im doing this for fun and im not begging for followers and if i get some then sweet.So yeah birthdays ….. today im 33 and birthdays dont seem to be all that overwhelming these years ….. its just another day (yes maybe depressing but as you get older you will understand) what makes it worse is lockdown and you cant do anything anyway haha. But days like this take you back to when you were younger. Id always got served for alcohol at the corner shop since i was 14 so that was never a problem (not mentioning shop name so not to get anyone into trouble, the shop keeper passed away years ago mind but them days were totally different to today).The funny thing was on my 18th birthday was the 1st time i ever got ID’d by said man and i said “seriously?” He just winked and said “yes, of course birthday boy”. (He later told me he actually thought i was over 18 all that time). He was an awesome bloke to be fair and we spent alot of money at his shop. Like i said those were different times. Good ol’ days and my 18th was amazing i got so wasted i actually dont remember much, thats when you know you had a good time them days. I never suffered with hang overs, these days i dont drink much, not because i cant handle it but more to do with cant be arsed. I suppose if could go out then i probably would for a few drinks with friends but thats more to do with having a good laugh and fuck about. Yes growing up does mean your getting older but doesnt mean you have to act older. Ill still act like a kid but when i need to i can be very mature (not very often).Ive always said you only live once, so better to make the most of it. I have many many funny stories but that can wait for another blog (or many other blogs) im not giving all out in one go, i want people to come back.Do you have any funny stories?let me know and ill put some in a blog.Thank you again for reading and hope i dont bore you.Theplainandsimpleguy

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