Hi I’m new to blogging so here goes. I’m just a normal guy who wants to make people smile, think and even realise life isn’t too bad. I would like to reach all audiences of every genre I don’t have any aims really so i will see how and where this takes me .As this is my 1st blog I would like to apologise and say there isn’t any real point to this blog, I’m just saying hello. So stand by more content will arrive soon I wont be centralising on one subject everything will be random and ill do my best to be as entertaining as possible and to reach as wide audience as possible.1st thing I want to say is no matter how bad life is there is always someone worse off round the corner. Now think about that it took me a few years of being an adult to realise this, i have a stutter so I’ve been bullied and basically taken the piss out of, but thats not what this blog is about (more detail in future blogs maybe) but what I’m trying to say is i realised that there are people in worse situations than me not being able to talk. But yeah enough of that for now let me just introduce myself I’m 33 years old and I’m a HGV (heavy goods vehicle) mechanic, I have a stutter (as stated above) although i have it mostly under control, i also got psoriasis, yeah looks shitty but hey ho. Basically im just a plain and simple normal guy. As everyone knows its been a tough year for everyone. Noone can deny its been shit one, which also got me thinking whats the point in it all, yeah whats the point in life?…. we have seen some very nice people who go out of their way to help anyone but on the flip side we have seen assholes who only think of themselves. The world is full of different people and different attitudes and personalities. Everyone is wired differently so id like to do blogs on people and their lives too so people can realise that person you passed on the street is the same but different to you. Have you ever wondered that person who you just passed on the street what is their story. If so id like to delve into this kind of like mini biographies of random normal people. Also id like to delve into many other subjects ….. just random shit. I have no directive and no aim for my blog thats why i hope itll remain entertaining in many areas. Anyway wish me luck.

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