It’s a tough life, but live it to the max.

I used to think the world turns so slowly, life goes by so slow. I used to want life to rush by, to get past all the shit and start being fun.

I wanted life to be exciting, and adventurous.

I truly wanted life to be full of exotic stuff and full of experiences.

Travelling, parties, getting drunk, fast cars, loads of money and a shit ton of sex. Surrounded by awesome friends and family forever, doing what I want to do, going where I want to go, buying everything I want.

Ok, lets go back a bit (more than I care to admit), when I was a kid I thought life was boring and dull, being a kid you can’t do anything, you can’t do all of the above.

Then we can’t wait to finish school, get off into the real world and have lots of money so we can do anything we want, no consequences just pure living life and having fun.

All that freedom to do whatever you want, the world is your oyster, meet new people, make new friends, keep them friends forever, because hey that’s what being an adult is, eh?

As I’m now older, I realise life as a kid is freedom, but there’s too much dwelling on the need for freedom you already have, you just want more and you know nothing of the real world.

When your young you have the opportunity to become anything you want and anything you desire, you have the power to invent yourself, but no idea how to get it, shit even now the opportunities are there but just that little bit harder to reach.

As an adult you have responsibilities, even more so when you have kids. Getting food on the table is the priority, you work so hard and you don’t party enough, you don’t have fucking time, even when you do your knackered because of work.

You got to get the bill’s paid, you got to keep that food coming in, you got to live the life your given.

If your not born into money, you need to work damn fire hard to even survive in some cases, ok many cases, especially in this current economical climate

With all that being said, you have to chase your dreams.

Fuck the rules.

It seems like the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, I mean come on wages are going up, weyhey most of us have some extra cash flow, woohoo, we can afford to spend a bit of extra cash and get what we want eh? How fucking cool is that?

Can you fuck, with rising wages come rise in the cost of living. Everything you buy starts to cost just that little bit more, but they sneak it up only a couple of pennies here and there so we don’t notice or at least think “Meh it’s only gone up a little bit,” but eventually we do notice it, and by God it’s painful.

The cost of fuel goes up, flipping considerably, albeit has been a bit more stable as of late, even though the cost of a barrel is at it’s lowest it has ever been (inflation included). The cost of alcohol goes up along side cigarettes/tobacco.

Your weekly shopping bill looks extraordinary high, you didn’t really notice it rising a couple of pence every few weeks did you? Until you realise that shopping you bought is the same as you did last year, but double the price it was.

The amazing pay rise you have received, you barely even notice it do you?

Then the banks raise interest rates, causing more debt and more of a divide between rich and poor, or at least low income families.

When will it stop? When will the greed come to an end?

The answer is simple, it never ever will. No matter how much complaints go against this, or how ever many protests come of it, it’ll never end.

The only way to gain proper money is if you have a revolutionary idea, often your still ignored and it get stolen by someone with money because they have the means to make it a reality.

Can you see the cycle here?

So the best thing you can do in this world is chase your dreams, you may never get there but hey at least you can say you tried.

It’s like when you was at school, you have 2 teams, but the teams always seemed unfair, why? Because the popular more skilled kids would choose their mates (you know the 2 top players of football, the favourites, were always the ones picking the teams) and the scrawny unpopular kids, like me, were always chosen last. Why? The higherachy of popularisation.

The kids who seemed to fit in, the ones that seemed to have it all. You know they got the looks, the brawn and pretty girls under their arms. (That’s how you saw it when you was a kid back in the day).

Maybe one day someone high up the top may see the sense and think about evening out the playing field, no? I don’t think so either.

Maybe one day we will get someone in charge of the countries who have lived real lives, not the kind of lives where they get what they want, been to college and university and had the means to make a difference and a change, but do very little to help us little people.

Someone who has lived in the “slums” and lived within the “poverty” line, you know the normal average Joe who have lived in the real world and not been protected or had a safety net. Someone who has had to work damn hard for what they got, everything that can be taken away from them with one word.

The world is unfair to most, and will remain the same for all eternity, nothing will ever change, not for people like you and me. The real people of the world.

With all that being said, we live real lives, we make the most of what we have, we live the best lives even with very little.

Live life it to the max, because ….. well we have too.

We may all want a little bit more, maybe a lot more but we are happy and content.

The world turns a lot faster than you think, time is of the essence, do what you want or need to do, just remember this, you can’t take anything with you once your 6 foot under, but you can leave a good mark behind you.

You can also make the most of the time we have on the awesome green and blue planet, you never know when the hour glass will run empty and the end has come.

You may be like me and think the end of this life only brings a new adventure, who knows what’s on the other side. It may be nothing, it may be a whole new life, it may be better or worse, but we will reach that adventure when the time comes.

Until then, enjoy your life, don’t stress, don’t worry (I know it’s hard but if you force yourself not too, then eventually it’ll come as second nature), live your life and make the most of it.



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2 replies

  1. This was great. It shows how human you are. Yes, growing up is definitely a trap. I got to remind kids now that when they’re youngest, that’s when they’re most free. But I’ll continue to live my life so I can do that and many more. Thanks for this.

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    • Thank you bro, and thank you for the comment it means a lot to me.
      People need to understand that we are only human, there is only so much we can do and only so much we can handle and the best course in life is to just go with the flow and live life as best we can.
      Money doesn’t solve any problems it just covers the cut temporarily until the plaster get wet and falls off.
      There is more to life than paper/digital numbers.
      Go and experience life.


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