The santablog series, day 8 (think yourself lucky, spare a thought for those who have less than you)


(Image taken from Google search, and adapted by myself)

Press play before you scroll, get that Christmas feeling flowing.

Day 8 is a day late, sorry christmas dwellers.

May I say sorry for missing yesterday, I was in pain, do you remember when I told you I had that accident? In this Blog -Tough couple of weeks, sh!tty Accident (proper ouchies) and a breakdown (full of stress).

Well since then my back has been playing up on and off, and the past few days have been hurting real bad, to the point I’ve not even been able to work properly, so after a rough day I fell asleep pretty early and obviously didn’t wake up.

So I found 2 classic songs, both the same but equally awesome.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope your enjoying the santablog series so far.

Today I want to talk about the people that will have nothing this year, and I don’t mean the ones that complain because they have less than they want, I mean the ones that have absolutely nothing.

People need to start appreciating what they have, there are people out there who are sleeping in door ways, or park benches or even just in fields.

It isn’t just the homeless I’m talking about, there are people running away, people who would rather run away from their family, or even someone who supposed to love them.

A lot of people do get help, but today think about the ones that slip under the radar, yeah the ones that get ignored or side stepped, take a moment to appreciate that even though we don’t have much, we may be struggling at the moment, but these people are suffering.

We may be struggling to pay our bills, we may have to choose between paying for gas or electric or food, but these people would dream about having such problems.

These people would love to be struggling instead of suffering, they don’t have that extra blanket to protect themselves from the harsh winter, they don’t have the luxury to even make some toast to abate that starving hunger even just a little bit.

These people don’t have the chance to wash their dirty clothes, or even have a like warnm bath.

They have to be embarrassed and beg for a spare bit of change, beg for a sandwich.

Most of the time you see some people drinking alcohol, they aren’t necessarily alcoholics, that vodka or larger is just there to help warm them up on the inside.

Just imagine yourself next year missing a payment on your rent or mortgage, and you get thrown out, you could be sitting next to that person you looked down on today, you know the one you side stepped outside the supermarket and avoided their gaze just to avoid that god awful question of “do you have any spare change?”.

Would you be able to beg someone for £1, just hoping you can collect enough (£3.50 by the way) to buy a meal deal in tesco? Or even £3 just to get a coffee, oh god that luxurious hot coffee that you see so many people walking past with, or maybe you may get lucky and save up £10 just to buy a cheap bottle of whiskey just enough to keep you warm on the inside, just so the cold air doesn’t nip at you as much.

All you will want is a little bit of change, and 99% of people will ignore you or just walk past or even say “I don’t have any sorry”, then they walk out with a trolley full of shit, mostly crisps or chocolate, and you know a fair bit of it will just go out of date and end up in the bin.

You will know this because you used to do it yourself, now your sitting here next to the person you snubbed last year, and maybe even dubbed them an alcoholic or druggie, because hey let’s face it, that’s what most homeless people are aren’t they? It’s their own fault they fell into the wrong crowd or made the wrong decision.

Or maybe now your in the same position you realise they may have just faced financial difficulties, they may even have a family somewhere, or maybe just the fact they had a rough time at home and they feel they are better off where they are than at home going through some unspeakable shit. Let me tell you something right here, many of the homeless you see these days are heroes, many of these poor souls used to be in the armed forces, some may have seen more than you could even imagine, many suffer with PTSD, that may even be the reason they are in the position they are in now.

You never know what the future holds, today you could be a millionaire, or someone who’s not struggling at all, or someone who’s comfortable maybe struggling with the bills but you are still comfortable (more comfortable than some), and tomorrow it’s all gone, you may have nothing at all.

You may be one of these people who walk round in designer outfits, all maned clothes with the best trainers on the market, you may wear a suit to work, shit you may just have a job, you may have a cool car, you may have a top of the range BMW or Merc, and you may look down on those who wear tesco specials, or those cheap trainers that cost £10, or drive round in a banged up motor, or even just have a car just to get someone to work.

I for one think myself very lucky, I don’t have much, but what I do have is a home, and a car, and food on the table, even clothes on my back, and that’s good enough for me.

So spare a thought for those who have less than you. Some people can’t afford what you have, think yourself lucky.



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