Spare a thought for Ukrainians, we know not what the future holds even for us.

We stand by Ukraine, our friends, we will supply weapons and aid ….. we will hit Russia with the hardest sanctions ever implemented and we will condemn them.

Russia are alone with have no allies. (What do you call Belarus and co.?)

But Ukraine is alone and have no allies, we will watch from a distance and Putin doesn’t care about sanctions anyway so basically we will stand over here and cheer on Ukraine as they get barabrically destroyed by a force 100 times, if not 1000s times, more powerful and brutal and sigh when it’s all over and in a few years we will start trading again.

I call bullshit, we can “fight” against terror, and invade little countries when we feel it’s right, but we can’t protect a country being annihilated by a superior force, in fears of starting world war 3. Basically running scared.

That is what I see and hear a lot of. Mixed emotions all across the world.

It’s hard to see what is happening I Ukraine, it’s hard to see a sovereign state being attacked relentlessly.

Today we saw Russia invade Ukraine under what Putin called a “special military operation.”

It’s all fucked up really. I know we see conflicts all over the world, currently around 40 (may be higher or lower), most are civil wars in the middle east, Africa and obviously the ongoing war on drugs in mexico. Albeit, nothing, absolutely nothing compares to what is going on in Ukraine today.

This threat is obviously aimed at the west, at the allies and NATO. Try and stop me, I dare you.

It’s a warning of any help to the Ukrainians will be met with force, does that even include nukes? Let’s hope we never have to find out eh?

Of course the west will continue to send defensive weapons and humanitarian aid, and bolster the eastern NATO borders.

I mean isn’t that help?… isn’t Poland taking in refugees help? Isn’t sanctions help?

It’s a very very dark day for the world, not just for Ukraine or even Europe. This this is serious.

One wrong move and all hell will break loose, sanctions won’t really have much of an effect, as Putin has been stock piling gold reserves, he has prepared for this and planned it for a very long time.

Even China have condemned Putin for this action, albeit not very loudly.

The biggest problem we face as citizens is fuel prices and energy prices sky rocketing (for now), so please share a moment and place your thoughts with the people of Ukraine.

Will Putin stop at Ukraine?

Many have speculated that after Ukraine Putin’s head will get massive (even though, sorry to say, Ukraine aren’t exactly much of a match against the formidable force or Russia) and he will invade more ex-Soviet countries.

Some of which or part of NATO.

Maybe he will, maybe not. Only time will tell, but it would be the biggest mistake yet, if he did.

All we can hope for now is they won’t make it to our doorstep. Also he mentions the threat from modern Ukraine. Many will say they pose no threat, but he means the threat he thinks NATO poses, if Ukraine join NATO then that threat (to him) become more real.

Ukraine was a buffer state between Russia and NATO, some say he’s done what he has not to claim Ukraine as his own, but to install a pro-Russian regime to keep that buffer, but you can’t help notice Russian flag being put up in strategic locations.

Nobody can deny what is happening, and noone can deny they saw this coming. So why wasn’t it avoided?

The attempt to avoid this war, some say weren’t enough, but short of starting world war 3 what else could have been done?

Putin has the backing of most of Russian citizens, by doing false news and fake videos to scare monger. Not all have fallen for this though, many have protested, but swiftly taken away and arrested.

Also let me just add this please, even though Ukraine being attacked at many locations, the citizens of this country are taking it in their stride. There are normal people taking up arms to fight the oppression of the vlad, the stores haven’t been ransacked, the toilet roll hasn’t been demolished by panicking people, there is food still on the shelves as people are only buying (yes buying, not looting) what they need and leaving behind some for others, shit even the line for the blood banks were longer than the traffic trying to escape. Think about it this way, if it was this country, the selfish arseholes would have raised the shops, looted and rioted, and faught each other to escape the invaders, not many in this country would stand and fight, “we have an army for that, which I pay my taxes towards, they chose the job”, yes that is something I’ve seen many times today, and I’m ashamed of these pricks.

Come on you know I’m not lieing eh?

Personally I’ll stand and fight, I would do whatever is needed to protect my country, and more so my kids and my family and friends, even my country men and women and their future.

Indeed it is a very dark day, which will be followed by very dark weeks, maybe months, and God forbid years.

Join me with thoughts for the Ukrainian people, and let’s hope this atrocity ends soon, and definitely hope this doesn’t spread further in any direction.

Stay safe one and all, we know not what the future holds.



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