Isolation nearly over, are we heading for cold war 2? or world war 3?

Back to work Wednesday (Edit; following a call from work HR itll be Thursday I’m back at work), yeah only couple days of isolation left.

I failed to provide a negative test over the weekend and my last day of my 10 day isolation is tomorrow (edit: day after tomorrow).

It sucks because I can’t really afford these days off work, but to protect others round me I had no choice, it wouldn’t be fair to spread this shit would it?

I guess I’ve had it a lot easier than a lot of people, the aching muscles and bones, headaches, aching eyes and chest pains were pretty brutal at times, but I’m still going, I’ve not had to spend any time in hospital and I’m feeling a shit ton better than I was.

Only thing is with certain activities I’m getting short of breath, even walking up the stairs I seem to loose my breath a bit, hopefully that will disappear too but even if it doesn’t I’ll just have to live with it for as long as I need too.

As I say I’ve not had it as bad as a lot of people.

I’ve had 10 days off and done a lot of nothing, relaxed and played xbox, watched a lot of Netflix and done a shit ton of reading.

I’ve also had a lot of time doing my book, but not done as much as I’d have liked. It may take me a lot longer than I thought, I keep having doubts, but I’m still doing it, fuck it what have I got to loose right?

In other news, what the fuck is wrong with the world?

Russia are playing games, or at least that’s what the media are saying, and well a lot of people on social media, but the UK, and US and Europe and co. ect, aka NATO and allied forces, are threatening Russia with words, they saying you invade Ukraine and you will be punished we stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine.

Oh and that punishment doesn’t include sending troops to a country that wants to join the EU, nope they will punish Russia with sanctions and heavy words.

In other words, they are saying “go ahead Russia, we stand with Ukraine, we will defend Ukraine, but we will shout at you from a distance”, what a load of bollocks eh?

They send weapons and anti-tank missiles to Ukraine and teach them how to defend themselves, but they wont “stand shoulder to shoulder” with Ukraine.

It’s all heavy words, they will talk to their counterparts in UK and US but they will not show any force of action, just incase Russia do invade. So much for friends eh?

If Russia do actually intend to invade, nothing and noone is going to stop them, Ukraine may put up a fight but the rest of the world will just stand back and shout at Russia from a very large distance.

You know why? Because if they do intervene then it’ll start world war 3, or at least another cold war.

Are they scared of Russia? Maybe yeah, but they are more scared of a big war that will end up with nukes being thrown left right and centre.

Sometimes words aren’t enough, not showing action or a sign of solidarity or a show of force will just show a sign of weakness.

That is all Russia will see. Threats everywhere but no action. Nice and easy for them eh?

These big countries will go to these smaller countries and fight, but when a real threat comes along they hide behind a big wall and shout big words at the enemy.

Don’t get me wrong going to war with Russia will be a big bad decision, because not being funny, Russia are besties with China, and also pretty close with north Korea.

It’ll be a dumb ass move to fight, but Russia are flexing their muscles, NATO and co are flexing their tongues.

I can see what’s going to happen already, and I can see what definitely won’t happen.

Russia have already proven being threatened is only words, and “sanctions” aren’t really going to cut it, they don’t fucking care, they are playing it safe by denying what they are eventually going to do, but talking is only going to delay what we all know is coming anyway.

Personally I think a show of strength is the only way this will de-escalate, I mean Russia aren’t exactly moving all them troops and hardware for no reason are they?

Whether Russia feel threatened by the allies or just want to go back to 1945, they are placing their chess pieces on the board and are there to stand their ground, and at the moment they see no real opposition.

The “allies” need to step up their game, they are loosing already.

Ok let’s lighten up the mood eh?

Someone asked me for some nude pics, so I thought I’d oblige, not for the faint hearted. 👇

Also trying to sell my spare car if anyone is interested. 👇

👇 Come on just laugh. 👇

Just helping out Mr Boris 👇

Perfect for them parties that aren’t parties.👇



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