Awesome weekend ahead, a good week, and a bit of never giving up, life will go your way.

Hey peeps, happy Friday.

Yeah that means it’s the weekend tomorrow, but what it means for me is a long weekend, woohoo.

Today is a day off work, chilling out as much as possible ready for the long eary drive tomorrow morning. As the gates open at 8am, and being a 3 and half hour drive, we got to be setting off at about 4am.

Yeah night driving, or early morning, but you get what I mean. I love driving when it’s dark, even better when it’s dark and noone else on the road (or very very few).

I’m allowing an extra half hour ish to have a couple stop along the way.

So snetterton awaits for the weekend, we got the extra charging packs, so hopefully I can capture more of the action. Also the tent awaits, which will be fun when we get there. Free camping and all that, got to take advantage, and saves driving back to go again the next day.

I’ll capture as much of the action as possible over the 2 days, and anything else that happens.

It’ll be amazing peeps, and I’m glad you can all join us in another adventure.

So what’s been happening this week?

Well work, sleep, work, sleep,ect.

Some good days with a bit of shit thrown in. There was an MOT I was doing and some body bolts were loose as hell, but the body builders put the bolts in some dumb ass places.

You couldn’t even get onto them from inside the chassis, so I eventually had to adapt and overcome, aka cut down the middle of the bolt to use a flat blade screwdriver to stop the fuckers from turning, as seen in the pictures below, the other pictures show where the body bolts were and how difficult it was to even see them.

All I got to say to this is FUCK YOU BODY BUILDERS.

After they were successfully tightened to satisfaction, the spray flaps (used to reduce spray off the road when raining) weren’t even covering the tyres, and the other wings (what goes over the tyres to reduce spray) were all loose and not even covering the back wheels. See below.

So nightmare job but fun to do.

All in all a successful week at work, mostly. It’s been a nice week, leading up to an awesome weekend.

Now you know I’m not a rich guy, but going to the racing circuits have always been a dream of mine, in the past I would never have imagined having adventures like this, but these days with life getting better and in control of my own money and life things come easier and better. I can actually go out there and start living life.

Even at 33 life can start again for anyone, life can always be better people, you just got to make changes and adjustments to go and do what you want and need to do.

It’s been a tough few years, but then again it’s been a tough ol’ life. It got to the point I started saying fuck this shit, I need to get my life on track, I need to do things for myself and stop feeling sorry for myself, keep my ass out of depressionville.

It’s took me a lifetime to get where I am, don’t get me wrong I’m not where I wanted to be, maybe never will, but I’m finally living a comfortable life, I’m living a life worth living.

To be honest it’ll only get better trust me.



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  1. Just as long as your not another Chad out there assaulting woman and pretending to live your best life as though attempting to take a life isn’t wracking up on your karma 🧐

    Liked by 1 person

    • Na I’m good I’m just enjoying life experiences with the awesome people around me, making the best out of life ….. hope your ok

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m great! Not cool with a woman beater out there in the world putting on a facade thst he’s got such a great life as though he doesn’t have a reckoning coming he’s gonna have to face.
        Imagine being a sick and sadistic narcissistic addict using and manipulating woman then assaulting them and then going to the next victim portraying the victim. So that you can lock her in.

        Pretending to be good hearted kind compassionate empathetic c and spiritual all while harassing and threatening the woman you assaulted daily since the assault. No leaving her be with the only intention of forcing her to be okay with what you did to her? Good life? Far from it. A penance coming. Will be dished one way or another. There are plenty of avenues.

        As for me I’m a warrior. No need to ask me that. I will always calla mofo out .

        I reference that POS because when he first assaulted me he created a bunch of accounts so that he could screw with me. 🙄 like nothing better to do. So if I catch a hint imma clarify. I ain’t scared to call him out

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      • A man who’s only intention for me was to break me.

        See for yourself


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