Sorry been mega busy- new job, health problems and having family time while I can.

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t been around. I started my new job last month working in a school and I have been busy with that also started back at the football so that has taken up my time. I’m enjoying my new job, I love working in the education sector.

A couple of weeks ago I found out I have plantar fasciitis in both of my feet. If you don’t know what plantar fasciitis is, it is the ligament that connects the heel bone to your toes- I have damaged that in both of my feet. I’m in pain when I’m walking or standing. The doctor has put me on some anti inflammatries as well as pain killers. I’m seeing a physio this week to see what else can be done. I brought a rolling thing that I roll foot on on the floor to help in the meantime. I have also found to support groups on Facebook.

I have been suffering really bad with my tinnitus and awaiting to see my ENT consultant just wish they would hurry up as its annoying and starting to affect my sleep at night now.

When I’m not at work I’m resting as much as possible due to the pain and spending as much time with my family. We have been going out for meals and having movie days- curling up infront of the TV with a blanket and a bucket of popcorn and sweets.

I will update you all when I have seen the physio and the ENT consultant but in the meantime enjoy the rest of the week and have a lovely weekend too.

This weekend I’m off to celebrate my nieces birthday.

Single Mummy H xoxo

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  1. Hope you get some relief soon!


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