It’s hear here, not here here, nearly lost my hand, and hopefully a new interview/mini biography blog.

Hey peeps, so we are half way through the week already. It’s going pretty quick this week is to be fair.

Is it just me or is the fact people type HERE HERE very annoying?

It’s HEAR HERE, it means I’ve heard you over here and I agree with you.

Sorry, I just had to get that out.

The english language is already very diverse and many words mean the same thing, or one word means many things.

For example,
– live, you can be at a live concert, or you can live you life the way you want.
– bark, the bark of a dog, or the bark on a tree.
– run/running, I’m going for a run/I’ve been running, or run the water for a bath/I’m running the water for a bath.
– date, today’s date is the 28th, or I’m going on a date tonight, or my favourite fruit is a date.
– drop, I drink every drop of my pop, or did you just drop your spanner?
– right, turn right please, or I have a right to do this post.
– rose, I rose from my seat, or that rose is a nice flower, or oh hey rose hows the family.

The list is endless.

The english language is the hardest in the world to learn, I read that somewhere, I love to read. So fair play to anyone who’s 2nd language is english, english is my 1st and only language and I struggle to even do that (yes I was referring to my stammer).

If you have any multi use words (aka homonyms) drop them in the comments, go on it’s a bit fun.

(also please use hear here correctly, it’s frustrating)

In other news, work has been quiet this week, but yesterday I went on a breakdown, I was there for 6 bloody hours.

A truck wouldnt build up air and it had lost all the air it built up within seconds. The compresson was new, so I knew it wasn’t that. I done a few tests, and found the pipes from the conpresson the the air drier (no not hair drier, it take the air and removes any moisture or any particles that may damage any parts like air bags or brake chambers) were full of carbon, little black particles that harden when they build up and cause a blockage.

Anyway I unblocked one at the side of the road, the other pipe I had to take back to work to heat up to assist removal.

During the process of the tests, I was testing the air pressure from one of the pipes, it was close to the engine cooling fan, I didn’t realise how close, but I found out it was damn fucking close, it nearly took my bloody hand off, which hurt a bit (ok quiet a lot I won’t lie).

Luckily it only took a few layers of skin off my finger, but I felt it twatting my whole hand so I got very lucky.

The only damage I suffered by sight haha.

So yeah it was fun, but time consuming.

This week has also been a lot cooler than last week, so that’s a relief, we have also had a bit of rain, so that’s been nice too.

At work there’s a bunch of people leaving, or talking about leaving. It’s a bit gutting really but they got to do what they got to do I suppose. I mean who knows when it’ll be my turn eh?

The stand in supervisor on my shift is leaving, a few people have said they should make me the stand in supervisor when he leaves, one even said they may well do it. Haha we will see eh? I don’t think it’ll happen personally, but stranger things have happened.

I’ve also messaged someone on LinkedIn who has autism, he’s an adult obviously, and I’ve asked him if I can do a blog about him, because it would be a nice to show a view from an inspiring persons point of view, they are cool, and I want to tell that story, so I hope they message back soon. Wish me luck.

Last thing for this blog, please please please use HEAR HERE properly, and please spread the word to anyone you know to type it properly, as here here doesn’t make sense.

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9 replies

  1. What about the new words being slipped into the language? Chewsday, attichude? Or is it only happening in my part of the English speaking world?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh damn I could do a whole blog on all the new words these days haha, and don’t get me started on the “music” they play on the radio too. I hear this one song every day, the damn singer rhymes one with one over and over again and by god thats annoying 🤣🤣🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, must agree with your one of followers the new words as well. About strange I must say. 😊

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