Little bit of doom and gloom, keep smiling eh? Also BRING BACK CREATIVE GOAL CELEBRATIONS!!!

Hey peeps, almost the weekend. It’s been a weird week so far that’s all I’m saying.

Today was a shit head, started off tired but didn’t take me long to actually wake up out of my slummy start, but the day just got worse and worse.

Let’s just say I had to finish off a shit job for someone else, and yeah if he was at work today he would have had an ear full, he still may tomorrow if he turns up.

Total shit, and a total struggle and a total fuck up end of.

Hey ho it’s done and I was a hero haha, but damn it’s hard work sometimes. There was a few choice words said and shouted.

Then I picked up lil man after work and he wanted to watch football, then the T.V. had a hissy fit and signal wouldn’t work, so we missed the match earlier. Lil man was ok about it, but you could tell he wasn’t overly impressed.

He kept smiling though, we had fish and space raiders potato chip things (kind of like the smiley face potatos you had as a kid) and veggies, he loved it. Yes the space raiders potatoes was beef flavour, highly recomended, they also do a hola hoop flavour. Very highly recomended. Get some if you can.

Also I noticed this today, warning: this may upset some readers it totally pissed me off.

Yeah you see that? 3 months of letting them post adverts on my blog and I get fucking 6p. Not impressed really, yeah I know my daily viewage is low and many people don’t really let the adverts load, but shit 6p is taking the piss eh?

I’m taking it off peeps, it’s not worth having, not unless i get like 10,000 views a day or week or something stupid.

Also still not had any donations for the charity, so that’s gutting too. Also no interest in the bumper stickers, so that’s starting to feel like a waste of time. It just feels like nothing is working out. It’s frustrating.

When will I get a break? Maybe never, but hey ho, I’m not loosing any sleep.

Also still only got one person I’m hosting blogs for. I’m also trying hard to raise awareness for stammering, autism and mental health, that also feels like it’s getting over looked.

Did I do something bad in a previous life?

Don’t worry, I’m still not loosing any sleep.

All I can do is keep going and I will.

Also all I can do is ask you peeps to help share the blogs for the charity and mental health and autism and stammering if you so kindly would. It would mean the world to me.

Anyway, what’s everyone upto this weekend? I get paid next week then I got the week after off work.

It’s been so long since I’ve actually booked a week off work, I usually only have the odd day here and there.

I’ve not had a proper holiday in over 10 years, shits too expensive. I can’t even afford the cheap holidays haha.

I feel like I’m loosing a few of you so I’ll be doing better soon peeps, it’s just been a tough couple of weeks, and some life changing decisions to be thinking about, so real life has been taking priority to be honest, but from tomorrow I’ll be doing better, I’ve not been 100% so I apologise to you all.

Hey it’s all good, you know me ….. keep smiling eh?

I’m still loving life, and still loving blogging. This week has been a tough one, especially doing those 2 deep deep blogs at start of the week.

By the way the one about mental health, that wasn’t even half of it. Trust me.

I may have had it tough, but I’m still determined to turn it round. If anything I’m full on determined to make life better for my son. As long as he’s happy I’ll be happy.

It seems like it’s all doom and gloom this week peeps, I’m sorry, but tomorrow there will be pictures of plants.

Oooohh yeah, I hear you say.

There are loads of new plants, and an Elvis gnome. Yeah thats right I did say Elvis. It’s so cool.

From a video call I had yesterday, everything is growing amazingly. There’s now a strawberry plant in the midst, one strawberry present so far.

Also the rose bushes are blooming, the fuchsia plant is looking awesome, then the lupin plant, oh my got thats sexy and class. Ok I’ll stop teasing, I’ll show pictures tomorrow, I know a few of you will be waiting in anticipation.

I’m planning on having an awesome weekend to combat this week of doom and gloom and shitty work and overly hotness, no not me the weather, calm down.

Also have you noticed with footy during this competition? The goal celebrations are boring, remember back in the day they were just so creative you’d think they spent more time practising their goal celebrations than actual training.




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  1. I am so sorry this is so hard. I have never tried the advertising thing so cannot be sure how it works. You are doing an amazing job, do not give up. Things will come to you. You are a lot stronger but I know this must hurt. Here’s wishing you loads of energy, strength and all things good.

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