5k total views woohoo, some muppets banned from hospital visits, and a bit of footy talk.

Hey peeps, it’s been a lovely day hasn’t it? Though it has been way too hot.

I said to my son earlier, “it’s too hot” and pretended to cry. His reply to that was shocking and hilarious, he said, “dad, if it was cold, you would be saying it’s way too cold” then mocked me by pretending to cry.

Shit he got me there right? Mocked and humiliated by my own son, he takes after me way more than I thought. God help the world, there are 2 of me. Hahaha.

I’ve just seen on T.V. that there has been a few men banned from every hospital in the U.K. for taking a video of a hospital during the peak of this pandemic. Then posting online saying the results of the pandemic were being exaggerated, they can now only visit a hospital for emergeny purposes.

Personally I think they shouldn’t even recieve that, they should have to go into a private hospital and pay for their treatments, and their ignorance and conspiracy theory bullshit.

Being soneone who knows a few people who caught covid and suffered pretty bad, and also having close family members who if caught it could have died because they have health problems, I for sure know it wasn’t and isn’t a conspiracy.

It is because of these kind of people that it spread so far and wide and the same people who are causing it to get worse again, even after all this time. Why can’t assholes just stop being ignorant and selfish?

Wouldn’t it be better to just be careful and cautious and spend some time with your family at home, instead of bitching and complaining because you can’t go to the fucking pub? It’s not the end of the world, appreciate what you have at home instead of just wanting to get pissed and potentially spead a deadly virus. If getting pissed up is that important go to the supermarket or corner shop, put a mask on and get some can. Then either invite a friend over or facetime the fucker.

People have turned ignorant and selfish once again, like I knew it would happen.

Shit what’s happened to the world I’ll never know.

Anyway, my last cpuple of blogs the past couple of days went deep. Even little Jack messaged me straight after bless him, that’s when you know you got good friends when that happens.

In other news, I was guyted when Portugal won against Hungary yesterday, Hungary should have won that. Nothing against Portugal but they played hard and dirty at times, and I’m not the biggest fan of Ronaldo, don’t get me wrong he’s a damn good footballer but he’s also a cocky prick. Albeit I have full respect for him and think he’s a fantastic player, and probably the best player in the current football world at the moment but yeah I see too much cockiness. Yeah I may recieve hate from that, because he’s every womans dream man ect. and a lot of football fans hero. Hey ho, that’s just my thoughts, he may be an amazing bloke in person, and no I’m not jealous of him before anyone attacks me and says that haha.

Germany’s own goal was unlucky, but hey ho to hat too. I just wanted Hungary, being the underdogs of a hellish group, to beat the odds and win the group. They played amazing that’s all I’m saying.

Today’s game I watched was wales, and Gareth Bale is a fantastic player, I don’t care what anyone says, he’s one of the best players in the world hands down.

Many people say England, Scotland and wales will never support each other if their home team got knocked out. Maybe that’s true with Scottish and Welsh supporters, but with me I’ll always support them both unless they playing against England.

If what I said was true, I ask you Scott’s and welsh, why? Do you hate English that much? Were supposed to be a United Kingdom and it feels far from it.

Let the past be the damn past, why do grudges run down from generation to generation? 100s of years ago you wasn’t even thought of, neither was I or any other current English dweller. Centuries old grudges annoy the hell out of me, what’s the point?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, everyone hate the English. At least it feels that way. At least all of our closest neighbours do.

That being said it’s England vs Scotland Friday, we going to kick your arse, 🤣🤣🤣. It’ll be a damn good match and I cant wait to watch it.

As I’ve said before, these Euros are going to be interesting and fun to watch, but I can’t wait till the world cup next year. That involves the whole world so it’ll be more interesting for everyone.

So bring it on.

Oh almost forgot to say, I’ve passed 5000 all-time views, so that feels damn good.

I really want to surpass 127 views in a day, and keep growing and keep making mew highs. I’m still doing something special for 200 posts, so that won’t take long I’m guessing haha.




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  1. Omggggg. Congratulations!!!! That is so awesome. And your son is a badasssss! 🙂

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  2. Congratulations! Wish you many more…

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