Go fund me, donate in link provided, thank you.

Continuing the blog from yesterday, https://theplainandsimpleguy.com/2021/06/02/for-charity-my-son-has-autism-my-sons-story-so-far-emotional-as-hell-now/

I have now set up a go fund me. If you can please donate and share anywhere you can.


Set at £1000 so far, may be raised, depends what happens.

I will be doing other things to raise money too, all details are on the blog link provided above.

Please copy and paste these to addresses to post a link in your blog, if you have one and if you don’t mind helping me.

This blog.

Go fund me, donate in link provided, thank you.

Yesterdsys blog (pandas story and charity info.)


Thank you all in advance.


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