Feeling down today, happy but bleh, keep smiling eh? and just a bit of this and that today.


Hey peeps, Friday tomorrow already. Jeez this week has flown by.

It’s been an awesome week, work has been fun, plenty to do apart from today it started off quiet so had a clean up at work, then last couple hours was a bit of a rush.

I hate it when it’s quiet, feels like the day goes slow and I prefer to keep busy. That being said it flew by today. It is what it is.

So yesterday I set up a donationg fundraiser on go fund me, still got nothing yet. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, it feels like everything I’m doing lately is going the wrong way to what I hope.

Feeling pretty shit to be fair.

I don’t know what to do, with a lot of things at the moment. Don’t worry I’m not taking a trip to depressionville, I just want something to go right for once.

Maybe I’m just doing things wrong, I don’t fucking know.

Obviously I’m gutted about not raising any money yet, but it is only day 1 so meh. Maybe the title is wrong? I mean I’ve done things the way they said to do it, share it in many places and share with friends ect. So maybe it is the title that puts people off?

I mean when someone I know at work had their house broken into I went round and done a collection for him because his wife lost some very expensive irreplaceable family jewellery, that went really well.

Also noone has been interested in the bumper stickers so far. I mean I’m not making any money out of it what so ever, I’m spending money to get them made and I’ll have to buy postage stamps to get them to people, but any money made from them is going to charity too.

Shit maybe I’m just expecting more than I should, sorry I think I’m just having a bit of a down day after getting all excited yesterday getting everything set up.

It jist feels gutting that nothing has happened yet haha, maybe I’m just an impatient person. I mean a bunch of people said they will donate, and now it just sounds like I’m bitching.

I’m not peeps I promise, I’m just having the feelings today of lack of achievements, not just fundraising I mean in a lot of aspects of life.

Today I recieved a letter out of nowhere saying a county court is ordering me to pay off a big debt of £2000 at £120 a month till it’s paid off, it’s one I totally forgot about and I’m going to struggle to pay it but it is what it is. I’ve emailed them to sort something out, but no reply yet.

So maybe it’s just that, maybe it the fact thats playing on my mind today. Maybe it’s just the story of my son so far just brought up some memories, not forgotten just placed into a box for safe keeping at the corner of my mind.

Oh and please please don’t believe im raising money to pay off my debts, I’m scared now that’s what people are thinking. Shit. Just for the record my debts (or debts exs got me into and left me with, I’m not sour I promise) are exactly that, MY DEBTS.

The fundraising is exactly that, fundraising for charity, specifically the National Autistic Society.

I chose them because they help the tiny people and the bigger people, in schools, work, finding jobs, educatung people in many areas, raising awareness in way I couldn’t imagine.

So please don’t think I’m trying to con people, that is my worse fear, not being trusted. That’s why someone gave me the idea of using go fund me to keep the money safe. I will also be documenting every step of the way.

From donations, collecting the funds and donating the funds to the charity.

Also any big or even small companies donating big amounts will be getting a free space to advertise on my blog website if they choose.

I’m fundraising because of my son, he may need this charity as he grows older, I want to give something back to the people who help people like my son. It’s amazing what these people do.

In future, I will be raising money for a NICU charity (read my blog from yesterday to find out more) because my son wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for NICU.

I’m not expecting anything for myself, I’m not expecting nice or good karma, I’ve already had my good karma, and I’m still experiencing it now and have done for the past 7 years, and will do for a very long time. My good karma is already here, my son is just that, and it’s my turn to give karma some good stuff back and help others as much as I can in the best way I can.

So from now on in every blog at the bottom and top I’m going to be posting the link to my fundraising. Hoping it’ll be seen by as many people as possible.

So please do what you can, share and spread as far and wide as you can. I’ll be eternally grateful.

So yeah, more blogs to come over tomorrow and the weekend peeps, I’ll try not to go on amd on about this fundraising, I don’t want to be repetitive and bore you.

Anyway have this for food for thought, excuse the pun.

Also some comedy, enjoy.




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