Mad week, by single mummy H

Hi everyone
This week as been a mad week. Today I had my 1st Covid vaccine, I had the Pfizer one, I actually didn’t feel the needle going into my arm but tonight I’m feeling the effects- I have got an aching arm and a bad head.
Finished one college course and me being me I am going to start another one to keep myself busy as I’m still on furlough and also awaiting to start my new job.
For all you single parents out there, stay strong and stick together. I went out on a date last week and the since that date the bloke as ignored me and I have noticed some men have quite high expectations of what they want. Good luck to those because I doubt you will get far with that.
I’m so sad to see the football season over but not long till the Euros start, let’s see how far England will go in this tournament. I have missed the buzz being inside a football stadium this season but hopefully will be there next season cheering on my boys in the old gold and black (Wolves).
Hope you all enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend and the children enjoy their half term break (UK)

Single Mummy H 

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  1. For a min there I was too confused!!! But then I read the title. Hope she feels better after the jab 🙂

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