Never judge someone on their looks or how they talk, give EQUAL opportunities, and never judge someone on someone elses word.

NEVER judge someone for how they look or how they talk.

Yeah that happens a lot, I know it does because it’s happened to me, I also know it happens because I’ve done it myself.

No matter who you are, what you do or how you perceive yourself, you have done it too, everyone does. From the queen, to some “rich” person all the way down to a shoe polisher, everyone does or has done at some point in their life.

You look at someone and think they can’t do this or that, or you look at someone else and think shit they may rob me if I walk past them. Everyone does this, people from a posh background may look at people like me and think keep away from that scutter, and soneone like me may look at a posh person and think stuck up twat.

Noone can deny this, I don’t care who you are. Although sone may try not to be this way, at some point they are. It’s just the way of the world.

So let me enlighten you, I may just be a HGV technician, but believe it or not I’m actually a clever fucker. I know more than I need to know, I absord knowledge. I don’t know why but I can remember specifics about a truck from 2 years ago, proven by an old customer tried blaming us for his totally fucked up truck (yeah worse truck I’ve ever seen, like scary shouldn’t be on the road style)he brought a truck into us, ginger bollocks serviced it when he was still here, and it was a total mess. To the point the truck was off the road for a while. Then after all the work was done (a shit ton) he refused to pay up.

The company I work for took ended upnin a court battle and the big boss man asked for a statement. This was like 6-9 months later, he was kind of shocked that I remembered every single detail.

Sorry strayed off topic a little there, but that proves a point.

This blog comes after a conversation I had during the week, I feel I don’t much opportunity to get some of the in depth awesome jobs at work.

I feel undervalued at times,or made to look like a dumbass. Made to feel an inch tall and spoken down too.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not the best in the world but I sure as hell know more than people could imagine. The only reason I ask for help at times is because I’m made to feel like I don’t know.

You see just because I can’t talk very good like other people, it doesn’t mean I can’t do what you do. Don’t get me wrong it’s not just about my stammer, it’s mostly takes just one self centred person who thinks they are better than you, just that one person to spread poison. Even just that one person to try and make themselves look better.

Let me just say when the lads in the workshop face problems, they usually come to me or Tom, usually with the lines “Rob can you look at this” or “Rob can you help me with this”, whereas this perticular person thinks everyone goes to him. In reality noone will because he talks to people like shit and/or tries to make them feel stupid, in a very ignorant arrogant way. In reality he doesn’t have a fucking clue.

It’s frustrating because the good things that I do or my fellow team mates don’t ever get noticed, don’t get recognised. Noone has the individual experience of being noticed by those who matter, hence why us as mechanics won’t ever get the equal opportunity of making it further in a company when you have that one person doing nothing but bad mouthing you, they talk about you behind your back like a 2 faced fucker, but they will never say “well done on that job” or “you did good dude” instead all you get is “you fucked that up” or “your taking your time on that job” or “your shit you am” ect.

So you just know behind closed doors they will never ‘big you up’ to their superiors, thats why you will always never get noticed.

It’s a shame really because the wasted potential is something companies will miss out on, the missed oportunities just because they are only told the stories from one sour individual, or because they won’t employ that person that doesn’t dress the way they are expected to look. Or even because that person can’t talk like everyone else they will not ever get the opportunity to do better or to move up in a company.

Basically a lot of potential and knowledge is left in the shadows and left to be unnoticed.

It’s a shame really how someone can be left behind and forgotten and only remembered for their failures and not their successes. Everyone fucks up, everyone makes a mistake, but that same person can perform amazing things, but only the bad will be noticed and remembered.

It’s upsetting because no matter how hard your try you will never reach your full potential. Many people, including me, have a hell of a lot to give, but never given the chance to give it.

Never judge someone for the way they look or talk. Never judge someone from what you have been told about them. Make ypur own judgment after you get to know the person. 1st impressions are always the best impressions. Give people the chance and opportunity to show you who and what they really are. Never forget where you began. Don’t use others as a step in your career, the drop gets bigger the more you step, and noone will be there to save you.



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