Just a quickie, and ways to contact me also a bit about how to recieve emails for new content

Hey peeps, just a quick one as I’m going to be picking up my son soon. I’ve been thinking of trying to do more blogs, even if it’s just little ones like this, just a bunch of more random stuff. I’m also going to try swearing a lot less in my blogs, don’t worry noones complained it’s just the fact some people may not like it, but I’ve had people saying they not receiving emails when I post new stuff so best thing to do is go to the last email you recieved unsubscribe then come back here and subscribe again I think some parameters changed when I paid to go pro. Also can i please ask you all to share and invite new people as I would love my audience to get bigger. I think I’m pretty unique when it comes to blogs as I don’t really see many other blogs like mine, random as hell and I try to keep it fun and interesting. You can contact me through email or messenger on facebook or twitter ect. You can find the links in random places.


I think that messenger link works https://www.facebook.com/theplainandsimpleguy/ thats the facebook page link

Email is plainandsimpleguy@gmail.com

Twitter is https://twitter.com/Plainandsimple_?s=07

I hope these work and message me anywhere on the above and let me know what you think because many cant comment either so ill look into that too.



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