A little trip through science and stuff, a delve into global warming and the cycles of earth, and some extreme mind boggling info.

Hey peeps, so today has just been a normal, nothing special happened for me at work. It’s been mega hot though so that’s nice, I still can’t wait for summer it’s supposed to be a mega mega hot one this year. They blame global warming, as it may contribute a lot of people actually don’t know that the world goes through cooling periods 100 thousand years or so, and we are in the 10,000 year warm up we will then go back into the 90,000 year cool down. Thats like a mini ice age where the ice starts building up again. We are actually still in a major ice age (there is still ice so we are coming to an end of this major ice age). The earth 4.543 billion years old, give or take 50 millions years (yeah 50 million years seems like a lot but in the bigger picture it’s not so much, The universe is predicted to be 13.8 billion years old and the solar system is predicted to be 4.57 billion years and earth 4.543 billion years) doesn’t that show how insignificant we as humans actually are as we humans have only been walking on this earth for 6 million years, with the closest related humans to us are only about 200.000 years old. Think about that for a minute.

So yeah thats from a scientific point of view not religious (believe what you may but im a scienticmfic and facts kind of person personally), as I was saying we are in the warming up period thats why the ice is melting away, there have been times in earths history, loads of times may I just add, that there have been no ice, literally 0% nada nothing iceless, and the earth has been through 5 ice ages, predicted by science. So as global warming may have played a bit of a part what you don’t know is this is kind of a natural phenomenon, it’s not all down to us it’s a cycle the earth goes through. A lot of factors affect us here on earth, our orbit round the sun changes, yes we can be closer or further away or going in an oblong kind of orbit. It changes over thousands of years. Then you also got to take in the tilt factor of the earth (thats how we have seasons northern hemisphere has opposite seasons to the southern hemisphere thats why austraila has summer while the UK has winter. That is what the tilt of the earth does) which also changes over thousands of years, also with the ice melting the plants underneath decay and cause greenhouse gasses which then take away the ozone layer. So it’s getting hotter from the sun’s radiation, it’s a cycle. The ozone is also repairing itself so eventually it will cool down and ice will start to form again, it’s a cycle. It has been happening constantly through out Earth’s 4.5 billion year history, and will continue until the sun devours the earth in about 5 billion years time, thats when the sun will have used up all its hydrogen and will start expanding. Earth’s orbit will get wider (longer years eventually) up until the sun expands so much the earth will be eaten by the sun. Don’t worry we wouldn’t be here when that happens, humans would have died out by then or spread across the stars, who knows. All that being said we aren’t helping things by pumping carbon dioxide into the air, but the more carbon dioxide there is the more plants and trees will grow, obviously everyone knows plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen surely? So that in itself is a cycle we need oxygen and plants need carbon dioxide (also some algae do the same so there you go) and also with less fish in the oceans (humans over fishing) the algae is becoming more as fish eat algae and with less fish more algae can survive so there we go again. A big massive cycle. Everything is a cycle, so is global warming and increase in carbon dioxide a bad thing? Personally the answer I can come up with is yes and no. Still not very clear? I didnt think so.

We are part of the Earth’s cycle too, we cause some of this cycle to happen faster, so the cycle has come round faster maybe? Who knows maybe yes, but thats also why we can enjoy (to an extent) the hotter summers and also endure the colder winters. There we go some information you may not have known, but definitely the part the government or media or tree huggers have never mentioned or thought about, but now you know some information you didn’t know before, so go out and be clever and shock your friends with this bit of info. You may start some healthy debates who knows. Some of this was research but a lot of it was from my weird brain that holds shit for no reason but to entertain. Also don’t ask why I got into this my brain works in mysterious ways and shit just blarts out. So basically yeah we are doing good by reducing our carbon foot print but they say we are beyond the point of no return, in reality there was no point of no return as it would happen anyway just at a slower pace, and would have been our great great great great great (and a few more greats i don’t know how many it would take for 10.000 years or even 100.000 years) grandkids problems not ours. In reality we (or our great great great, yeah whatever, grand parents started it) have sped it up a bit so the problem rests on our heads to deal with. We may not survive but the Earth will, unless it gets bombarded with comets/meteors ect. Or if an alien race comes to save us or destroy us, I mean what chance would we have, we cant even stop fighting each other to even think about other things, so we may even destroy ourselves just out of spite. But thats another blog interest, maybe it’ll come depends on what the future may hold eh?

Although this is my view on events, information may not be 100% accurate, some is found off other sites but never copied and pasted, if it is not 100% accurate then I appologise to an extent, not too much as this in my blog so what I say goes, haha. More blogs like this may or may not come (wait and see) and welcome to my head once again.



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  1. >I still can’t wait for summer it’s supposed to be a mega mega hot one this year

    I’m excited for summer too! Thanks for sharing your excitement with us all


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