New features, more to come.

Hey peeps just a quick one. I’ve now gone premium soni may start making money soon, not sure how it works. I actually don’t know what I’m doing haha so any advice will be amazing. I’ve removed wordpress ads and may start making money with ads now. Still figuring it all out. I’ve also added a donation page, completely voluntarily donations, I will never ask for donations nor will i ever beg for donations. The donation page is set up through a secure organisation (or company not sure what they call themselves) who work for wordpress. So its secure and conpletely safe. You have my word. All donations will be very very welcome and also very very appreciated, I shall mention danations and the people who donate with a thank you on my daily blogs (or you can remain anonymous) all donations will help me keep this site up and running for years to come, and all donations will go back into the site some how or other. I will not profit from donations thats not why its set up.

I must stress this with complete vigor, do not donate if you can’t afford to. Do not do a monthly or yearly subscription for donations if you can’t completely afford every month/year. I do not want to see anyone struggle with money like I have and do not want to see anyone out of pocket. So that being said IF and WHEN you donate make sure you can spare the money and IF you do a monthly/yearly donation subscription please only do so if you can afford to do so. Please only donate if you want too and if you think I’m doing a good job. I thank all donators in advance and ill thank you individually on daily blogs and also do a list of donators in the donation page. (Also use pics above to see how to see other pages, more will be added soon)



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