Fun friday, and an all out good day.

Hey peeps, before I go to bed I thought I’d pop in to tell you about my day. It’s been a good one today not only is it friday, I really enjoyed the jobs I done. Little george helped me with a few jobs and we had some good talks and laughs, but the best job today was a spring change. That was alot of fun, it was a heavy fucker and Joshy washy was helping me put it back on and that was a struggle. Had to fuck about to get it back in, and at one point we dropped the fucking thing and felt like i broke my wrist. It’s still painful but I’ll be ok. Ill show pics of it broken and after finished so you can try imagine how heavy the fucker was (not Josh, i mean the spring, just playing Josh love ya really bro). I always play up Joshy and I’m glad he doesn’t take me serious. We all play each up to the point if any of us complained we wouldn’t have a job, I’m the worst but JJ is a right fucker. I’m sure hes mentally disturbed, needs a straight jacket that fucker does, but I’m no better. I’m surprised I’ve not been layed out flat haha. But they take piss out of my stutter so fair is fair. Especially the buck teeth fucker and he’s the supervisor. But that’s life in our garage we give as much as we take and we love it, the banter is real. I love the lads i work with and miss the ones that have abandoned us but we keep in touch.

Proper bosted.
Big and heavy.
Sexy new.
Sexy new spring and “u” bolts

So yeah thats my fun friday. New day tomorrow with a saturday sandwich. Got to be bacon, sausage, egg, mushroom, cheese on toasted crusty bread (yes I’m drooling at the thought). Good night peeps.



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