Nearly fucked up the site, and a little promotion please.

Good morning peeps, i can still say that for 5 minutes. Thank fuck its friday, but still got to work tomorrow and possibly sunday, will keep you updated.

So last night i was playing around with the website and fucked it up, yes i fucked up i didn’t know what I’d done so i spent ages trying to fix it, i was gutted. I’d lost a few features but I sorted it. I’ve also updated the CONTACT page if you care to look and the ABOUT me page. I’m also going to delve into it a bit more at some point and maybe clean up the website a bit and maybe even make a few more pages. I’ll try (I said try) to make a page for random pictures (while also putting more pictures to my blogs as it’ll make it more interesting) and ill see if i can make a page for other peoples blogs (all of yours) so you can put content up through me.

I’m also going to be interviewing a friend who has his own band so I’ll be promoting his band in the interview so check it out when thats up. Also got plans for Brett Bell part 2. I hope you enjoyed his life story up to now it gets more interesting. Also got a couple more interviews coming up and a few potential ones. So yeah please keep sharing and liking and commenting and please keep coming back this website is nothing without you guys and gals.

I’m also thinking of paying the 100 on payday depends what i get. So expect some changes. I’ve also set up a a pintrest and a pocket (i dunno what pocket is either but I was told if I share my blogs there it may pull in some new views). So yeah wish me luck i may need it esspecially tonight when im having a play with the site and hope to god I don’t destroy it. Just remember you can share my site and each individual blog on facebook, twitter, instagram and whatever else you got. I’ve added new share buttons to the blogs so test it out for me and let me know whats it’s like on your end. Feedback is key so please let me know what my site is like on your end.



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