Talking rich, and a little thanks to you

Happy Monday peeps hope everyone has had a better day than me. I ended up carrying on with someone else job, which after was wrongly diagnosed so that was shitty. Then someone was being a twat (not mentioning any names) but one day they will end up with a broken nose and what they deserve, karma is a bitch.

To top top it off the ex ends up buying my autistic son some new things just before daily phone call, so he’s distracted during call so I was a fly on the wall. That was depressing, but I don’t blame him at all. He’s amazing and I love him to bits.

Anyway enough of my depressing day, lets hope tomorrow is better. so someone asked me what you going to do if this blog makes you rich? well its a straight forward answer. Ill remain me, ill still be the loopy, crazy, funny, numpty me. I wouldn’t let money change who I am. I’d just want to live comfortably with a nice car and put money away for my son and daughter, and be debt free and any money extra I would help my friends and family be comfortable to. You see I don’t really need to be rich and famous, I’m rich in family and friends and love and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Money and belongings cant be taken with you, but a good memories last a life time. This blog may not make it big which I’m fine with, i just wanted to make something of myself and express myself and this blog will be me making my mark on the world. Whether it be a pin dot or a massive black hole, if I can make someone smile today or make someone’s day better then I feel like I’ve make a mark on that persons life. If this message gets to you then its another life I have affected even if only in a small way, I have been a part of your life for 5 minutes even if you never come back (you best come back I’m not doing this for nothing, I’m a part of your life now accept it haha).

It honestly feels good to be doing this, call it creative writing or just shit talking, putting fingers to keys actually feels a lot better than I thought it would and in time ill be opening up about everything and blarting out everything I’ve ever thought of. I’m just worried about boring you all. Hopefully that isn’t the case, if so show me by commenting. I posted a competition yesterday for a new profile picture the winner will get mentioned. As i said ill also be doing I some normal people interviews so ill start setting that up soon, you nosey fuckers.

Also please get in contact and let me know what you want to see, I’m here for you remember. Plus I’m still trying to figure out if paying £100 will be worth it and only you peeps can prove it to me, This isn’t just my blog this is all of yours too so if you have a story to tell send it to me and ill post it for you. As I said everyone has a story to tell so lets put into black and white and let it live here forever, any story is a good story, happy, sad, emotional, funny, boring, intelligent, or just a plain and simple rant. I’ll take us all to the top. Lets take over the world and fuck shit up haha.

Thank you again for sparing some time to read me talk shit its very appreciated.


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