Todays mind block, and a bit of an inspired bitching

Hey so yeah i promised some blogs today but struggling as been having a mind blank but I’m bored out my head so here is just some random shit.

So I been watching some videos on Facebook and a dash cam group I joined had some guy posting a video of him being a twat driving, he was driving down the road coming up to some lights that were on green and the car in front was turning right but that way there was traffic so instead of being a twat and blocking every other direction he stayed at the light where it was safe, the dash cam guy sits there blaring his horn forces the patient guy to drive forward more so he can slip through then the lights change to amber as he squeezes past this car and then red before he even picks up speed and then carries on and drives over on red and he posted this to show the other car was in the wrong. My thoughts were wow your the tosser dude. My question is are some people just that arrogant and impatient, I mean yeah there are frustrating people out there that shouldn’t be on the road but come on there’s a lot of these twatty asshole drivers who think they own the road.

Ok so this may just have turned into a bitching blog, I don’t know inspiration comes at funny times. But yeah here we go. Don’t you just hate (most) BMW and Audi drivers, not the cars just the drivers. When driving down the motorway they head straight for the so called “fast lane”, or lane hog sitting in fast lane or centre lane, it annoys me. I mean come on them lanes are for taking over they aren’t your personal lane you self centred ass wipe.

While I’m on a bitching session why after nearly 12 months are people still not wearing masks or not respecting social distancing. I went to Asda yesterday (for essentials, toilet roll), and while i was looking as something I had loads off assholes invading my personal space (which was annoying even before covid shit). Also these people talking shit like its not real and its a conspiracy, shut the fuck up dickheads, your contributing to the spread. When you have vulnerable kids or family and friends is it really worth the risk? Would you rather catch covid and risk taking it back to your kid who could die from it? Because its not actually covid that kills people its just a contributing factor. Like if someone has a breathing problem and they likely to die from it in say 2 years, but they catch covid and die within a week or month then covid has contributed to their death so when the reeling off these numbers think about that before you start spreading propaganda and what is technically hate speech, so think before you talk shit. or walk out the house, yes its boring but think about your loved ones.

Ok sorry for bitching ill be back with a better and nicer blog, i did say there will be diversity in my blogs.

Thank you once again for taking time to read and see you next blog


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