The santablog series, day 25. (MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE)


(Image taken from Google search, and adapted by myself)

Press play before you scroll, get that Christmas feeling flowing.

Hope this works (it’s a live nonstop christmas thing on Youtube) I do not own this, and have no endorsements.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have an awesome day, and I know Christmas isn’t about giving and receiving, but I hope you get/got everything you wanted, if not don’t worry, it’s the thought that counts.

Today is the day we have all been waiting for, and all the hard work that’s been put into this one special day makes everything worth it right?

I know it’s crazy how people go mad this time of year, but by God isn’t it the most amazing feeling being round the ones you love?

Isn’t it just perfect being surrounded by those amazing smiles?

Christmas is a time we all share together, everyone’s mood instantly changes, everyone loves each other and everyone is so kind.

Today is a day that gets shared worldwide, the happiest day of the year, not individually, but collectively.

The one day in the year (apart from new year) where you can pass someone just walking down the street and 2 words can bring a smile to any face, it brings people together, it’s the biggest common interest that everyone shares, no matter your race, country of origin or even religion, everyone says merry christmas, and that’s 2 words that bring us all together.

If you venture into the world today, just say these 2 words to everyone, it’ll make you feel amazing inside and it’ll make them feel the same feelings, that’s the magic of christmas.

So, what the hell you still doing here?….

Go enjoy your Christmas.

Merry christmas everyone.

All I want for christmas is to spread some love, so please do the same, share my blog everywhere you can, copy and paste this link here ( The santablog series, day 25. (MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE) ) and give me the best christmas present ever.

(now I hope this works, I’ll be posting this, then copying the link to this actual blog and putting it between them 2 brackets 👆👆👆, a bit of work my end, but hopefully worth it, I’ll have to be quick, so if your here as soon as I post, then come back in a few mins haha, please help put a smile on my face, and any newbies reading this, please go to my main home page and sign up to the email to receive my blogs when I post new stuff, and also please read my other stuff when you get chance, better do it tomorrow though because today you spend with loved ones)

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