Social media taken over people’s lives. The real face of evil.

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Let’s take a touch on social media. The real face of evil.

Why has social media taken over people’s lives? What ever happened to face to face connections and conversations?

Last Tuesday, WhatsApp went down, only for a few hours, then it was back up and running.

BUT, since when has it become such a big news worthy thing?

If the likes of WhatsApp has a bump in the road, or Facebook or twitter ect. goes down for an hour or more, people can’t function.

Most people struggle with real interactions.

Some mental health issues stem from social media. No really it does.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is awesome, it helps get things out there that before social media, noone would have known, it has it’s advantages, like when doing a blog it helps get more views. When raising awareness it helps spread a message. It may also help socially akeward people find friends.

On the flip side it is the basis of all evil.

For one it is the most common denominator of online bullying.

Some say the birth place of online bullying.

As a person who was bullied (until I stood up for myself) being bullied face to face is a hell of a lot better to deal with than online bullying.

Mostly do to the fact you knew who your bully was, and you could avoid that person, or kick their ass when you feel strong enough to do so, or at least until they bully you so much you get angry black out and come round with their blood soaked face on the floor underneath you (personal experience points gained on that one).

Online you can’t always put a face to the bully, and like many people, they are obsessed with social media because it rules their life, so you can’t always escape the fact, because everytime you log on (for eg, Facebook) you are faced with the coward keyboard warrior.

Let’s face it, that’s what they are at the end of the day, they have nothing better to do with their sad little lives, even when you block them they create new accounts.

The best thing you can do is ignore them, leave it on read then let them see they have no impact on your life.

You also have the birthplace of body disformia.

That’s where you have people thinking they do not look good enough.

Most of the blame goes out to these apps and filters, to show “what you should look like”, the developers of such things do not care because they are raking in the pennies.

The real victims of such bullshit are the people that use them, obviously they look at themselves and think they are not good enough, so let’s use this filter to make my body/face look better, or make my bum or boots or pecks look bigger.

Which then gives everyone else a false sense of “perfection”, noone can accept themselves for themselves anymore and it’s sad.

Not sad as in insulting, but sad as in if you can’t accept yourself how do you expect others to accept you for you.

Be yourself, not a filter.

Social media distorts the image of being a person, and that is dangerous, causing people to try be something they are not, causing people to hate themselves and causing people to be suicidal, especially with young people.

It isn’t even just limited to girls either, it happens to blokes too.

I know way too many people who want to be buff or “hench”, it’s not even about fitness anymore, it’s about trying to “look better”.

Then you get all these people fighting for “likes”, I see so many dumb ass stupid videos of people, and fuck me sideways, some of appalling.

There’s a lot of shit talking, and posing, and it’s actually scary how many likes these videos get.

I’ve seen videos of people showing off their cars, but most don’t even own it, in reality the bank do (yes if it’s on finance it isn’t yours), your only renting it until you have over payed, and by the time you do own it, it’s not even worth half as much.

Then you have these people who make videos of them doing normal shit, like shopping, and they have like a million likes, you know why?…..

Because they have their tits hanging half out their top, and they walk in such a way to make them bounce.

If the camera wasn’t on you, you’d look like a right that.

Hey, anything for a like eh?

The world has gone mad, and we are turning into a world of fucked upness (yes I’m making up a word, because I can, it is the Internet afterall).

Everyone wants to be famous, everyone begs for that extra like, people are degrading themselves to be accepted.

People are becoming lazy, noone wants to work anymore, barely anyone wants to do a full honest day’s work, too many people want to make money by being a “creator” or “influencer”.

That’s another fucked up word, “influemcer” but it’s true isn’t it?

These influencers are influencing people, but they are doing it so so wrong, it’s fucked up how you get people (and a lot of older people these days, let’s not ignore that) who thing the world works this way when it works totally different.

Life isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be easy, life should be full of challenges, life should be the path to make you a better person, but it doesn’t do that at all, if creates everyone to be sour, it fills everyone hearts and heads with hatred and bitterness.

People think the world owes them something, especially when they haven’t done enough or experienced enough to even contemplate such a notion.

Thing go wrong, so they try blaming someone else, everyone fucks up, so stand up and own it.

Be big enough to admit when you make a mistake, but be bigger by doing better to correct that mistake.

Own up to your failures and become a better person by doing better.

You are HUMAN, you make mistakes, you fuck up, you hurt the people you love, you do human things.

Life is shit, just accept it for what it is, and it won’t seem as shit. Make the world a better place by being yourself, accept people for who they are, if you don’t like them stay away, but most of all …..




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