I may have a book planned or at least outlined, a bit too much sleep and also grow up people.

Wow it’s Wednesday night already, this week is flying by, the past 2 nights I’ve slept like a baby, and way too much, I’m not used to it.

So monday night, well I say night it was more like evening, I fell asleep very early, and slept right through till 5am.

Same last night too, and I feel worse for it.

When I don’t sleep much, which is usually the case, I wake up and after a couple of hours and a couple of coffees in wide awake rearing to go.

Last week I was working lates so that doesn’t make much difference really, but this week apart from Monday morning, I’ve slept too much and feeling shit until about 11ish. Monday I was heading home at 4am so I was wide awake anyway.

Since stopping smoking I’ve been sleeping more, what the fuck?

Albeit I’ve been feeling better, but the early mornings have been knocking me out really early, I don’t get it.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve not blogged this week, I thought I owed you an explanation, but hey I just wanted to write something down before the ZZZ’s come hunting me down.

There’s a lot of people calling for Mr Boris to resign, I mean give the bloke a break man, I know he’s a muppet but he always has been, more so when he was mayor of London, he but he was fun and down to earth then wasn’t he?

Bunch of hypocrites anyway, so what he had a few drinks with collegues at his place of work which was totally social distancing, but shit me not he fucking deserves it I think.

I mean he got dumped with the shit storm at a shit show of brexit, which was also dumped on Teresa May, who was also thrown under the bus when David Cameron pussied out and ran away like a little fairy.

He got us through the brexit shit, better than many others could have managed, still not the best deal going round but we all knew it wouldn’t ever be easy orbplain sailing because europe needed Britain to use as it’s bitch, then not long after he took over this covid shit fucked us all up, again could have been handled better and shit down the borders earlier, but hey the economy was going to go down the drain even more if he done it too early.

Then while dealing with covid, he was still fighting for the best deal or no deal with Europe, then the fishing crisis with france, who may I add have a bigger area to fish than the UK (well their coast line is a lot longer for fuck sake, covering a much larger area) and they still wanted to fish in UK waters, like what the fuck France?

All this while fighting illegal immigrants (I have no problem with foreigners, as long as they pit into the economy as much as they take out, I mean shit most foreigners work harder than the damn English) but if they don’t pay taxes then it just a bigger drain on us. Which also brings me to the fact France doesn’t care about these illegal immigrants just as long as they are passing through France (and I mean the french government, not french people, as they are generally an alright people).

(Take into account in previous blogs I’ve stated I have no problems with people, even foreigners, and the world shouldn’t have borders as we should all live as one, but the way the world is fucked up at the moment and the fact we do have seperate countries and borders and taxes, then everyone who lives in the UK should live by our laws and rules and pay into the economy as much as the UK citizens, just saying before anyone calls me racist or anything stupid)

Then following Brexit, we had a shortage of drivers (albeit caused by brexit, because a hell of a lot of our drivers were of foreign nationality) so we had a lack of stock on shelves, then a fuel shortage due to a shortage of drivers, but mostly because dick wads panicked and fled for the pumps, but that was also caused by the dickhead media hyping shit up to cause panic just to sell a story. Swings and roundabouts.

Then the poor fucker had to deal with getting the hell out of Afghanistan, while also trying to save the poor people who helped us and were scared for their life.

Oh yeah don’t forget the fucktards who were protesting because they were bored, you know the ones, them idiotic tossers that were protesting against lockdown and vaccinations, you know the knob jockeys that just complain about everything just because it’s anti-government. If Mr boris said nah it’s just a flu, you lot will get over it, no need for social distancing or lockdown or vaccines, the exact same fuckers would protest against that too, that’s just the kind of people they are.

He also had covid himself to top it off, the fucker was close to death, and still came back fighting to do what he could to help us lot, and they gave most of us at least 6 months paid holiday (and the dickheads of the country still complained about not being able to go to the fucking pub, but were happy enough to take the free money, fuck you dickheads)

He also had to deal with the BLM movement and the women protesting about that fucker of a copper, which both went out of hand. I mean there was one woman that even went as far as saying men should have a curfew of 6pm, I know laughable eh? (Not against the BLM movements or women’s equal rights, before anyone bitches that I’m racist or sexist, yes I am ashamed that I felt I had to put that because some people are temperamental and will do anything to start an argument).

Amongst other shit that’s been happening in the god forsaken country.

All through all this shit, the poor fucker was bitched about and flapped by the fucking media.

So yeah give the bloke a break, he’s not perfect, but neither are you, he has made mistakes, but he’s only human, and just for the record with every decision he has ever made or ever will make in the future had and has and always will be from experts and people guiding him (the same as any leader, any PM or President across the world) he can only act on what he has been advised on.

Give the bloke a break, he wasn’t alone during this piss up in the garden of his workplace, just like at my work, we all have/had a fag together or have lunch in the same vicinity, just like in any other workplace.

Also it was over 18 months ago, why the fuck is it a big thing now when it wasn’t when it happened for fuck sake.

Anyway, let’s move on, have something to smile about eh?

Remember when I told you I wanted to write a book? Well I think I’ve got a couple of ideas, I may even have a good outline to actually start one, what you think about that eh? More info coming soon.

Now let’s get some jokes on the go.

In the past poor people had horses and the rich people had cars, now the poor have cars and the rich have horses, my my my how the the stables have turned eh?

I also wanted to let you know, I recently joined a nudist colony, it was quite a change in lifestyle, but it was only the 1st few weeks that was the hardest, I’m used to it now.

Ok now your smiling let’s have some more funny shit eh? Let’s finish on a funny note.




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  1. Good for you not smoking! πŸ’•

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  2. Your moms Halloween Costume RULES!! πŸ†

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