Happy new years eve peeps, here is my goodbye to 2021, bring on 2022.

Hey peeps, and happy new years eve. I hope your all prepared for an awesome night, and I hope the year to come is proper hardcore amazing for you all.

This time last year we were heading into this year (shocking and amazing how that happens isn’t it?) We were looking to 2021 hoping it would bring our salvation from covid. A better year than 2020, then obviously not a lot changed, covid decided to out stay it’s welcome, and sit on our laps just a bit longer, and the cheeky fucker is still tagging along.

Much like that annoying friend or family member that just stays a little bit longer than you would like, esspecially when all you want is to settle down in front of the TV with your missus and kids while having a beer, or that whiskey you have been counting on all week, and to even top it off even more the fucker wasn’t even invited, they were just “passing by, I thought I’d come say hi” about 4 hours ago.

Yeah that annoying fucker that everyone knows, or has one in their life.

Just fuck off.

Even though your too kind and nice but you still love them anyway.

So yeah, we have come a full circle, another new years eve, another year to look forward too, another chance to chase those dreams, or another chance to do what you didn’t this year.

Another chance to make another new years resolution, to be honest I’ve not thought about a new years resolution yet, just maybe something along the lines of live life more, get out there and live the life I’ve been given.

Yeah that’ll do for me, that is something I can actually keep up with, one new years resolution I can actually keep and stand by.

What is your new year resolution?

So with this being my last blog of the year, I was going to do a lot more planning and do an amazing one, but today has been busy, we just been doing a shit ton today, I’m actually tired. I’ll probably be asleep before the midnight bell tolls.

We paid a visit a cider brewery, had a lovely cider. It wasn’t planned, but rest assured I didn’t drive back, treacle tits did.

I’ve just had my last shit of 2021, well I don’t want to be carrying the same shit into next year, I mean new year new shit to deal with right?

There’s a hell of a lot happen this year, it’s had ups and downs.

From events such as the Capitol building in America being stormed, by pro Trump supporters, to troops being pulled out of Afghanistan, and the Taliban returning to power (I mean wow what a waste of 20 years fighting eh?) to the continuous on off war with Syria and Israel right the way round to more cooler things like a cave painting in Indonesia being dated back as the worlds oldest known cave painting at 45,000 years old.

Even Germany got sick of that Angela Merkel to appoint Armin Laschet as their new leader.

Then Joe Biden becomes president of America, much to many opposition superstition of conspiracies of a rigged election.

We then see the fishing wars between Britain and france, which got a bit out of hand, which then brings along the mas immigration debut. I mean it’s always been bad but it’s getting worse, with Britain saying France not doing enough and vice versa, hang on a little while, why don’t they think about the human lives lost instead of political bullshit? Maybe that should come 1st eh?

We also saw some consequences of global warming, a lot of the areas round Germany and Belgium flooded and devastated a lot of peoples homes and lives all at the same time we were having a heatwave, so that sucked too.

No genuinely that sucked for them, and my heart and wishes went out to them people caught up in all that shit at the time.

There was also flooding in other parts of the world like really bad, and fires, shit so many fires across the world.

Theres also good things that happened in 2021, it’s not all shitty and doom and gloom.

We, as humans, created a vaccine and vaccinated half the human population by the end of thos year, now that is a feat on it’s own, still many more to go but it’s a good start eh?

The world agreed to tax the richest corporations, about time I say.

Pandas come off the endangered species list, now that is amazing if I say so myself.

The world finally opened up it’s eyes to the damage we are creating, no seriously, the damage we as humans have done to this place we call home, it’s only now we are actually doing something to even try to set the record straight and make it better.

The most important good thing that happened this year is this, and I know many will agree, I started THEPLAINANDSIMPLEGUY blog.

Hey come on I know you love it.

It’s awesome, so I’ve been told.

Mostly though peeps, thank you for your time, all that precious time you have spent this year reading my shit, giving me purpose.


Anyway, stop reading my shit, and go party, have a good amazing time and I’ll see you next year. Love you all, peace out.

Fuck you 2021 and bring on the good stuff 2022.



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