Excited for next weekend, a bit of frustrating frustration, and a bit of a rant.

Hey peeps, I’m hoping everyones week is going good so far.

Mine isn’t too bad, work is a bit frustrating at the moment, just busy thats all.

I just can’t wait till next weekend, it’s going to be awesome, snetterton is waiting. So so excited, I really can’t wait to watch the UK drift pro championship most of all.

The car needs a spring changing, so little Jack said he will help me, bless his cotton socks. We was going to do it last night but found out I had the wrong spring, I got one today so we doing it tonight instead.

I’ll take pictures so you can see us in action.

Also who remembers me mentioning getting interviews with paramedics? Well let me apologise, because they are very busy and tired at the moment (which under the circumstances, is very understandabke), so the main man at the depot near me said try again in the spring, when he is hoping things will be a bit more quiet and they will have more time to do so.

I’m working on other interviews, so don’t be too sad, there’s still plenty to do and read.

It is almost the weekend peeps, and you know what that mean eh? Yeah work Saturday, sucks to be me eh?

It’s not all bad, I get this weekend with lil man, and after work Saturday I’m doing the brake discs and pads in the exs chaps car, yeah I know many people would say (and have said) fuck it it’s not your problem. But in reality, my son goes in that car so I want it to be safe for him. That’s why I’m doing it.

Besides I’m a nice guy. I’ll do anything for almost anyone, some take advantage of that fact, but I also know when to say no. I never used to, but hey ho, you live and learn.

So today should be a nice day at work, unlike yesterday, it was just a very demanding day, at one point I got pissed off with an ignorant tosser (not mentioning names, concrete 10 men might wanna fight, which I’m all up for), let me tell you what happened.

A wagon and drag, a rigid with a trailer, was dumped in the middle of the yard, so I took it upon myself to park it up properly. When driving forward to get into position one bloke was walking past, so out the goodness of my heart I let him past, then someone else walking the oposite way caught his attention, concrete 10 men stopped right in front of this long truck I was manoeuvring and had a conversation.

Yes to my annoyance he stopped about 5 feet away from the front of the truck, right where I needed to drive through, so in a nice way I pressed the horn, just to be ignored, so in another nice way I pressed again (anyone who works or knows truck will k ow the horns can be very loud), once again totally ignored. My patience wearing a bit thin, i revved up the truck, still ignored like a punk. This then brought me to start waving my arms like a lunatic, and opening the window and shouting (in a very very nice way) “oi you ignorant prick, move out the fucking way, you saw I was driving here so why the fuck stand right in front of me”, this then brought their conversation to an end, they both went their seperate way and nothing was said to me or even looked at. Which pissed me off even more, that being said concrete 10 men wouldn’t even look at me the rest of the day, the fucking ignorant arrogant tosser.

I’m not a violent person, or even an angry person, but when someone blatantly thinks they are worth more than anyone else, or even thinks they are better than anyone else, that is the kind of person that grates on my nerves, and needs a good slap up side their head, it took all of me not to just drive over the prick.

Ok that sounds nasty don’t it? Oh well, I can be a prick too I suppose.

Personally I treat everyone the same, with the same amount of respect, no matter what position they are in. I’m also the kind of guy that doesn’t mix his words (yeah even though I stutter I don’t let it hold me back) I’ll spout my opinion and fight my corner when I know I’m right, if I’m wrong I will also be the 1st person to say so and apologise if necessary.

I just wish other people were the same way. I hate people who think just because their job title says they are a “superior”, they think they can look down on us mere mortals, well sorry pal, I’ll treat and talk to you the same way I do with the lads in the workshop, the same as the apprentices, the same way as my boss, and the same way as the big bosses above him.

Everyone is human at the end of the day.

Nothing makes you better than the person your standing next to or in front of.

We all enter this world the same way, from a vagina (unless you come out the sunroof, which isn’t much different, it’s just a quicker escape hatch, but still a fucking hole), and we all leave the same way too, in a fucking hole in the ground.

Never forget that, a title or money or flashy shit does not make you any more important, or any higher up the food chain.

The higher you are, the bigger the fall, and the more it’ll hurt.

That’s why it’s sometimes good to stay in touch with the ground, and treat your peers or “subordinates” with the same respect you expect.

Also never use someone else as a stepping stone to get where you want, because that stepping stone can crumble and make you tumble, also that stepping stone has many many other stepping stone friends who you rely on for support, it’s a very very unstable position.

Everyone, including you, is just a number, and there are plenty of other numbers that can replace you.

Noone is irreplaceable, noone is untouchable, it’s a very demanding and fragile environment.

Never forget that.

Shit sorry peeps, I’m waffling on now, have a good week, and do as I always say …..




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